Translation for 'stocking' from English to Russian
NOUN   a stocking | stockings
VERB   to stock | stocked | stocked
stocking | stocks
чулок {м}stocking
складирование {с}stocking [reserves]
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Translation for 'stocking' from English to Russian

чулок {м}
stocking [reserves]
складирование {с}
Usage Examples English
  • Fish stocking is a practice that dates back hundreds of years.
  • There are two main types of waders: stocking-foot and boot-foot. Stocking-foot is separate from the boot and connects to it, while boot-foot includes the boot already.
  • John, from the age of 12, started learning the trade of his stocking manufacturing father and, for fourteen hours a day, he manipulated one of the six "stocking frames" in his father's workshop.
  • New Chinook fingerling stocking in the spring and egg and milt collection from late September to early November primarily takes place at the Strawberry Creek Chinook Facility in southern Door County.
  • 1976: Modern deer stocking begins with mass stocking techniques and check stations.

  • Milk tea and coffee together is called "Yuenyeung" (...). A variation on "silk stocking tea" is "silk stocking coffee".
  • Broilers are usually kept at high stocking densities which vary considerably between countries.
  • In 1954, Voisin recorded an effective stocking rate for the most productive part of the grazing season (10 May – 23 September) of 2.2 Livestock Units per acre (5.5 LU/ha).
  • North Branch Bowman Creek has been stocked with trout in the past, though in 1984, it was said in The Morning Call that trout stocking was no longer being done there.
  • Stocking Lake was so named on account of its outline being shaped roughly like a stocking.

  • He was awarded with the badges of "Excellent stocker", "Excellent worker of rye and grain industry" and "Excellent founder of USSR stocking" by the decision of USSR People's Stocking Commissariat, in January 1939.
  • In 1957, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission suggested no longer stocking trout on the stream below Fork Run.
  • The Protection of Stocking Frames, etc. Act 1788 (28 Geo. ...
  • Retailers often ask for merchandise to be delivered to them in shipping containers which allow the easy stocking of full caseloads.
  • A body stocking was used in a tableau vivant style short film "The Birth of the Pearl" (1901), which featured an unnamed long-haired young model wearing a flesh-coloured body stocking in a direct frontal pose and provided a provocative view of the female body.

  • Stocking stitch (in US, stockinette stitch) is the most basic knitted fabric; every stitch (as seen from the right side) is a knit stitch.
  • One club is now commonly called "Brown Stockings" but that name, though used at the time, was not then clearly or definitely established.
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