Translation for 'taken along' from English to Russian
взятый с собой {adj} {past-p}taken along
захваченный {adj} {past-p} [взятый с собой]taken along
Partial Matches
ошеломлённый {adj} {past-p}taken aback
опешить [разг.]to be taken aback
быть застигнутым врасплохto be taken aback
Я был поражён.I was taken aback.
вдоль {prep} [+gen.]along
взять кого-л./что-л. с собой [сов.]to take sth./sb. along
брать кого-л./что-л. с собой [несов.]to take sth./sb. along
захватить кого-л./что-л. [взять с собой] [сов.]to take sth./sb. along
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Usage Examples English
  • Accidentally consuming small quantities of clean seawater is not harmful, especially if the seawater is taken along with a larger quantity of fresh water.
  • When Ivan was three months old, he was taken along with his nurse to Split, Dalmatia (by then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), to be shown to his paternal grandfather.
  • The 2012 Olympic torch was taken along the High Street and Brigstock Road.
  • When moving to the new house on Jurģi day, the straw from the old site is taken along and scattered them in the barn, so that the leaving person would not get cursed with any kind of spell.
  • The Jackson/Detroit collection also includes a small group that includes some 900 Mammoth Plate photographs that were taken along several railroad lines in the United States and Mexico in the 1880s and 1890s.

  • In David Eldridge's 1996 play " A Week With Tony" the character of Nicholas says that "I got taken along to a play in Chelsea and I was quite shocked.
  • On 23 November he was taken along with Warbeck to Tyburn and executed.
  • Bond, at this point held captive by Goldfinger, is able to smuggle the details of the operation out to his CIA associate Felix Leiter and, taken along on the operation by Goldfinger, ultimately thwarts the operation by defusing the atomic device.
  • The model N600-ES taken along on Apollo 13 in 1970 is owned by the National Air and Space Museum.
  • While dependents cannot be taken along on the IEC, dependents might apply for visiting, studying, or working Canada.

  • It therefore generalizes the notion of a partial derivative, in which the rate of change is taken along one of the curvilinear coordinate curves, all other coordinates being constant.
  • Because he can identify Dodd, Sharpe is taken along by McCandless on a mission to capture and punish Dodd, to discourage others from deserting.
  • A bronze statue of the Lion of Judah, symbol of the Ethiopian monarchy, was taken along with the obelisk and displayed in front of Termini railway station.
  • The brothers (with the exception of Mustafa, who was captured and taken along with Bayezid to Samarkand) were rescued from the battlefield, Mehmed being saved by Bayezid Pasha, who took him to his hometown of Amasya.
  • In contrast to taxicab services, the start and destination must be defined beforehand and other passengers can be taken along at the same time if they share a route.

  • The poisonous fumes from the smelt mill were taken along a [...] flue and emitted from a chimney on Redburn Common.
  • Percival was then taken, along with Wainwright, to stand immediately behind General Douglas MacArthur as he confirmed the terms of the Japanese surrender aboard [...] in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945.
  • The "fixed curve" is kept invariant; the "rolling curve" is subjected to a continuous congruence transformation such that at all times the curves are tangent at a point of contact that moves with the same speed when taken along either curve (another way to express this constraint is that the point of contact of the two curves is the instant centre of rotation of the congruence transformation).
  • Since [...] is an even entire function (holomorphic over the entire complex plane), [...] is entire, odd, and the integral in its definition can be taken along any path connecting the endpoints.
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