Translation for 'tasty' from English to Russian
ADJ   tasty | tastier | tastiest
вкусный {adj}tasty
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Translation for 'tasty' from English to Russian

вкусный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Cooked me until I was tasty and crisp.
  • Cheap fish can also produce very tasty recipes. The most popular one is anchovy.
  • The tea is drunk for breakfast or on cold winters as a tasty and healthy restorative.
  • We only had one safety pin but it was an ideal tool – it had the perfect bend to access the Titiko cap/s and it had a sustained sharp point to pierce the cap/s and to pull out the tasty morsel including its tasty and chewy head and tastier entrails from the apex.
  • Although considered edible, it is not known as particularly tasty. It is mild to moderately hot.

  • In Europe, , and are well known and tasty sweet onions.
  • "Gustoso" means 'tasty', so "ají gustoso" translates to 'tasty chili pepper'.
  • Williams stated that overall this is, metaphorically, "a tasty collection".
  • Michael Russell of "The Oregonian" has said Toki was "fueled by tasty TikTok trends".
  • Narayan Das agrees to them while Govardhan Das decides to stay there in the greed of cheap tasty food.

  • Aria Wells, Her stage name is taken from her love of green tea, and the London slang word 'peng', which means attractive or tasty.
  • "Fannegusha" is a name derived from the Choctaw language purported to mean "tasty squirrel".
  • Coconuts produced there are very pulpy and tasty compared to Pollachi coconut which has more water.
  • Koro meets Oti, a pesky magellanic penguin, in an epic battle over tasty red berries during the winter.
  • Meat is soft, tender, easy to digest and very tasty.

  • buy a tasty but unhealthy entree and also tasty but unhealthy dessert), referred to as highlighting, versus trying to balance things out (e.g., on a particular trip, flying first class but taking an inexpensive shuttle bus to the airport).
  • Using local ingredients and enlisting the help of passers-by, he created tasty specialities at outdoor venues around the country.
  • "tasty" from "sapere" "have a taste"—the full meaning is "lacking flavor or zest; not tasty".
  • Torka Bazaar is famous for its tasty tea and halwa, [...] specialties which attract visitors from the surrounding areas.
  • A Japanese word “うまからっ” (Romanization: umakara'; Translation: Spicy yet tasty; Etymology: Portmanteau of two Japanese words “うまい (Romanization: umai; Translation: Tasty)" and “からい (Romanization: karai; Translation: Spicy)”) is used to describe the flavor of Shin Ramyun.

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