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NOUN   the Sahara | -
Сахара {ж}
the Sahara
Partial Matches
Саха́ра {ж}
Западная Сахара {ж}
Western Sahara <.eh>
усопший {м} [книжн.]the deceased
окружающая среда {ж}the environment
Зальцкаммергут {м}
(the) Salzkammergut
прошлое {с}the past
The Smurfs
докембрий {м}
the Precambrian
направо {adv}to the right
Господь {м}
(the) Lord
Папа {м} (Римский)
the Pope
справа {adv}to the right
печать {ж} [пресса]
(the) press
Апокалипсис {м}
the Apocalypse
Гималаи {мн}
the Himalaya
в {prep} [+prep.]in the
мальтийцы {мн}the Maltese {pl}
французы {мн} [собир.]the French
Гаага {ж}
The Hague
Бронкс {м}
the Bronx
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Usage Examples English
  • The countries bordering the Sahara are much exposed to a very dry wind, full of fine particles of sand, blowing from the desert towards the sea.
  • Its monsoon-like rainy season alternates with periods of hot, dry harmattan winds blowing from the Sahara.
  • Burkhalter (1992), who argued that, whatever the nature of the "conquest" in the south of the Sahara, the influence and success of the Almoravid movement in securing west African gold and circulating it widely necessitated a high degree of political control.
  • The Sahara International Film Festival, held annually in the Sahrawi refugee camps in western Algeria near the border of Western Sahara, is notable as the only film festival in the world to take place in a refugee camp.
  • According to the Sahara pump theory evidence suggests that the genus "Homo" have migrated out of Africa at least three and possibly four times (e.g. ...

  • The water of the Mediterranean extends from the Sahara desert to the Alpine arc in its northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea near Trieste.
  • Variations in local rainfall create three major geographical zones. The Sahara lies in the country's northern third.
  • In the Sahara, the native Tuareg Berber populations kept "negro" slaves.
  • These were donated by Professor Fred Wendorf of Southern Methodist University in Texas, and comprise the entire collection of artefacts and environmental remains from his excavations at Prehistoric sites in the Sahara Desert between 1963 and 1997.
  • A dry wind from the Sahara called the Harmattan blows from December to March, when grass dries up, other vegetation turns reddish brown, and a veil of fine dust hangs over the country, causing the skies to be "overcast".

  • west of Africa, Barbados is one of many places in the American continent that experience heightened levels of mineral dust from the Sahara Desert.
  • Scientists agree that the existence of a desert in the place where the Sahara desert is now located is due to natural variations in solar insolation due to orbital precession [...] of the Earth.
  • On 21 December 2020, following the affirmations of the Moroccan Prime Minister, Saadeddine Othmani, stating that Ceuta and Melilla "are Moroccan as the Sahara [...]", Spain urgently summoned the Moroccan ambassador to convey that Spain expects all its partners to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its territory in Africa and asked for explanations of Othmani's words.
  • Seif dunes are common in the Sahara. They range up to [...] in height and [...] in length.
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