Translation for 'thirst for knowledge' from English to Russian
SYNO desire to know | lust for learning | thirst for knowledge
жажда {ж} знанийthirst for knowledge
Partial Matches
жажда {ж}thirst
общая эрудиция {ж}general knowledge
знания {мн}knowledge {sg} [things­ learnt]
для {prep} [+gen.]for
unverified та́к как {conj}for
с целью {prep} [+gen.]for
заботиться [несов.]to care for
ждать [+akk.] [несов.]to wait for
озаботиться [сов.]to care for
часами {adv}for hours
навеки {adv}for good
сдается в арендуfor rent
на продажуfor sale
unverified зато {conj}for that
unverified пригодный дляsuitable for
unverified ошибочно принять заto mistake for
зачем {adv}what for
жаждать [+gen.] [несов.]to long for
искать [несов.]to look for
за исключением [+gen.]except (for)
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Usage Examples English
  • Macrohon Institute will always be a beacon for all individuals who thirst for knowledge.
  • Edward Mardigian became an excellent student, and couldn't seem to surround himself with enough books to satisfy his thirst for knowledge, particularly for the automotive industry and technology.
  • Swami Parijñānāshram III was one who had a keen thirst for knowledge-be it Vedic or technical.
  • Twice he was overcome with frustration and he left the premises of the "matha" without anyone's knowledge, to take up life of a sanyasi (ascetic) and to quench his thirst for knowledge.
  • He was very intelligent, had a progressive outlook and a keen thirst for knowledge — Vedic as well as technical.

  • The show focused on Mercator, an old alien 'Time Baron' with very long eyebrows (played by Roddy Maude-Roxby) who had been banished to Parallel 9 after summoning an earth girl named Calendular as a result of his thirst for knowledge – a criminal offence on his home planet 'Zarb'.
  • His powerful intellect and thirst for knowledge had a profound impact on Rangacharya and they become close friends.
  • An omnivorous reader, Stephens, according to Ryan, was a silent and aloof student with a thirst for knowledge, a characteristic throughout his life.
  • He later entered his father's workshop, carrying with him a thirst for knowledge, study and books.
  • Frederick had a great thirst for knowledge and learning. Frederick employed Jews from Sicily, who had migrated there from the holy land, at his court to translate Greek and Arabic works.

  • The history of the Natural History Museum Vienna is shaped by the passion for collecting of renowned monarchs, the endless thirst for knowledge of famous scientists, and the spirit of adventure of travelling researchers.
  • Following a family tradition, Leopardi began his studies under the tutelage of two priests, but his thirst for knowledge was quenched primarily in his father's rich library.
  • His vision and unquenchable thirst for knowledge transcended the narrow barriers of caste, language and religion.
  • The open book represents the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
  • son of al-Mu'tasim, an Abbasid caliph who reigned in 842–847 (227–232 AH in the Islamic calendar) who had a great thirst for knowledge and became a great patron to scholars and artists.

  • Tuanku Ja'afar's return from Singapore did not dampen his high ambitions and thirst for knowledge.
  • Al-Mutawakkil was unlike his brother and father in that he was not known for having a thirst for knowledge, but he had an eye for magnificence and a hunger to build.
  • Children may feel overwhelmed when they have too much homework, which can negatively affect children's natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.
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