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таким образом {adv}this way
сюда {adv} [как указание]this way
так {adv} [таким образом]this way
таким образом {adv}in this way
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Usage Examples English
  • In this way, ambiguity is viewed as a generally useful feature of a linguistic system.
  • 5 to 2) is so soft that a fingernail scratches it, while calcite (Mohs hardness 3) cannot be scratched in this way but yields to a knife.
  • In this way they laid claim to new discoveries before their results were ready for publication.
  • In this way, the ASF gains the necessary intellectual property rights for the development and distribution of all its projects.
  • In this way, non-divisional competition will be mostly among common opponents – the exception being the three games assigned based on the team's prior-season divisional standing.
  • In this way the circle symbol for a six-center six-electron bond can be compared to the Y symbol for a three-center two-electron bond.
  • There is also a charter service, from Blowing Point, Anguilla to Princess Juliana Airport to make travel easier. This way of travel is the most common method of transport between Anguilla and St.
  • 50000 Quaoar and 90377 Sedna are two Solar System objects discovered in this way by Michael E.
  • While he was growing up, his father and Nick Bollettieri trained him in this way.
  • that in principle every theory could be axiomatized in this way and formalized down to the bare language of logical formulas.
  • Helium was discovered in this way in the spectrum of the Sun 23 years before it was found on Earth.
  • The other noble gases (except helium) are produced this way as well, but argon is the most plentiful by far.
  • In this way, the South Arabian abjad evolved into the Ge'ez abugida of Ethiopia between the 5th century BC and the 5th century AD.
  • In this way the APM driver is an intermediary between the BIOS and the operating system.
  • Asymptotes are often considered only for real curves, although they also make sense when defined in this way for curves over an arbitrary field.
  • Also the city's oldest building, Kikin Hall, and the reliefs at the Summer Palace are attributed to him. This way he became an important figure of Petrine Baroque.
  • Mortars are often carried this way. A mortar is sometimes carried in an armored vehicle and can either fire from it or be dismounted to fire from the ground.
  • In this way backward compatibility was achieved.
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