Translation for 'thorn' from English to Russian
NOUN   a thorn | thorns
SYNO irritant | pricker | prickle | ...
шип {м} [растения]thorn
колючка {ж} [шип растения]thorn
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Translation for 'thorn' from English to Russian

шип {м} [растения]

колючка {ж} [шип растения]
Usage Examples English
  • Thorn Township was organized around 1804, and was so named on account of there being many thorny plants within its borders. It is the only Thorn Township statewide.
  • The name Althorne has an unusual meaning in Old English, translating as '(place at) the burnt thorn-tree'.
  • Exposure to the sap of a rare tropical plant gave Rose Canton's Thorn personality limited control over plant life, especially those with thorny stalks.
  • The original Holy Thorn was a centre of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages but was chopped down during the English Civil War.
  • Kasur is situated in a subtropical thorn woodland biome (Northwestern thorn scrub forests) and in the Deserts and xeric shrublands ecoregion according to the World Wide Fund for Nature's map of ecological regions in the world.

  • This species inhabits semi-arid acacia woodland, primarily whistling thorn ("Vachellia drepanolobium") woodland.
  • Among the trees found in the reserve are shepherd's tree, camel thorn, sweet thorn, and gray camel thorn.
  • River bushwillow, sweet thorn, hook-thorn, and white stinkwood are the main trees found in the reserve.
  • The Glastonbury Thorn is probably the most famous 'thorn' and has been replaced with grafted cuttings on several occasions.
  • "Gymnosporia buxifolia" is a species of plant in the family Celastraceae native to southern Africa. It is commonly known as the pioneer spike-thorn or common spike-thorn.

  • Common trees include the Shepherd's tree ("Boscia albitrunca"), camel thorn ("Vachellia erioloba", formerly "Acacia erioloba") green-hair thorn ("Parkinsonia africana") Karee or willow rhus ("Searsia lancea") and buffalo thorn ("Ziziphus mucronata").
  • The villages name origin is uncertain. 'Glappa's thorn-tree' or 'glaep-thorn' an otherwise obscure plant name.
  • This genus should not be confused with the nudibranch genus "Ceratosoma", meaning "thorn body".
  • In the churchyard is a thorn tree grown from a cutting from the Glastonbury Thorn. A blossom from this tree is sent to the Queen every Christmas.
  • Paul also describes himself as afflicted with "a thorn in the flesh"; the nature of this "thorn" is unknown.

  • "Vachellia haematoxylon" (gray camel thorn, giraffe thorn, [...] , [...]) is a protected tree in South Africa.
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