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SYNO again and again | over and over | over and over again | ...
раз за разом {adv}time and (time) again
Partial Matches
время от времени {adv}
now and again
время {с}time
свободное время {с}leisure time
планковское время {с}
Planck time
машина {ж} времени
time machine
на этот раз {adv}this time
часовой пояс {м}time zone
свободное (от работы) время {с}free time
лучшее эфирное время {с}
prime time
путешествие {с} во времениtime travel
раз {м}time [occasion]
план-график {м}(time) schedule
местное время {с}local time
тайм-аут {м}time out
поясное время {с}standard time
unverified назначенное время {noun}fixed time
неполный рабочий день {м}part time
временной лаг {м}time lag
Время - деньги.
Time is money!
пора́ {ж} [время, период, эпоха]time [epoch, era]
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Usage Examples English
  • When his former friend Captain America presented himself to the Atlanteans to broker an agreement with Namor, he attacked Captain America in a rage while ranting about how Atlantis has taken the heat of the surface world's battles time and time again.
  • The proposal was ultimately rejected by the leadership of both parties but the statement of conservative principles it contained resurfaced time and time again in Manning's subsequent political ventures – in the statement of principles contained in a book researched by him for Ernest Manning entitled in "Political Realignment: A Challenge for Thoughtful Canadians" and in the statements of principles of the Reform Party of Canada, the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance, and the Conservative Party of Canada.
  • Molly shows viewers the strong matriarch she is by constantly helping others with their dilemmas and proving to be the hero time and time again.
  • He has been seemingly killed in the past, only to return time and time again to plague the world with schemes of world domination and genocide.
  • Central Asia has been divided, redivided, conquered out of existence, and fragmented time and time again.

  • It features the hit single "Time and Time Again", and has a range of themes in the tracks involving the Golden Era of the radio, New York City, and friendships.
  • Matlow is quoted in the "Toronto Star": "We've heard time and time again from our residents that there's an inequitable playing field...Developers simply have a better chance at the OMB because they have the financial resources, the ability to get planners and lawyers, anything they need to be able to argue their case".
  • She asks Rama time and time again to hunt for the deer and bring it to her.
  • Their song "Universe" was featured in the first episode of the fourth season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and their song "Time and Time Again" was featured in the first episode of the second season of "Smallville".
  • There is variation in degree and manifestation, but it is important time and time again.

  • After a string of mistakes in which the thieves outsmart the police time and time again, the journalist is kidnapped.
  • GBM has called for, time and time again, an end to land grabbing, deforestation and corruption".
  • The precedent that this decision established, that the public school does not have the right to sponsor religious exercises and then pressure students to take part in them has appeared time and time again in every church-state case focusing on religion in public schools.
  • Pineapples also began taking up transvestism, apparently jaded from rebuilding himself time and time again and wanting to experience something new.
  • As Wilberforce's bill for the abolition of the slave trade was brought before the British parliament time and time again over 18 years from 1789, Porteus campaigned vigorously and energetically supported the campaign from within the Church of England and the bench of bishops in the House of Lords.

  • He is self-educated to university graduate level in the field of political science, and is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the organization and management of both illegal and legal business operations, allowing him to outsmart and outlast his enemies time and time again.
  • In this case, the entire piece was based on a single musical fragment or phrase of short duration that was repeated, with some variations, time and time again; often alternating with a choir.
  • Ibalon (Albay) Province assumed jurisdiction over Masbate Islands, and Masbate was named the town's capital village; for security reasons, the seat of government had to be moved time and time again.
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