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SYNO to bowl over | to knock over | to overturn | ...
опрокинуть [сов.]to tip over
опрокидывать [несов.]to tip over
Partial Matches
тип-топ {adj} {adv} [нареч.] [разг.]tip-top
ватная палочка {ж}Q-tip® [Am.]
через {adv}over
поверх того {adv}over it
вон там {adv}over there
просматривать [несов.]to look over
опрокидывать [несов.]to knock over
опрокинуть [сов.]to knock over
перегибать [бумагу и т.п.] [несов.]to fold (over)
пересечь [сов.]to cross (over)
там {adv}over there
пересекать [несов.]to cross (over)
избе́гать [разг.] [сов.]to run all over
по всей Германии {adv}all over Germany
одолевать [несов.]to get over sth.
обдумывать [несов.]to think sth. over
преодолеть [сов.] что-л.to get over sth.
преодолевать [несов.]to get over sth.
побеждать [несов.]to get over sth.
побороть [сов.] [тж. перен.]to get over sth.
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Usage Examples English
  • The prototype Brisbane electric tram (No 1) was built at the Melbourne cable tram workshops from the body of a horse tram, and had 5 saloon windows instead of the usual 4 windows on the new-built Combination cars, with one fixed and one tip-over seat on each end platform.
  • If the balloon is moving at this speed or more when it contacts the ground, the basket (which usually does not have wheels of any kind on the bottom) may drag for a bit or even tip over.
  • The bronze globe marks the location of the Borneo Island tip at latitude 7 degrees north and longitude 116 degrees east with a map featuring the island embossed in bronze and laid on a flat surface at an angle with inscriptions to mark the tip. Over the years, several infrastructure and public amenities have been erected at the site which including a public rest area with a café, souvenir shop and washrooms.
  • Limbury is part of the larger Limbury ward, which also includes part of Runfold, as well as the south eastern tip over spilling into the Saints ward.
  • Electric fan heaters usually have a thermal fuse close to the heating element(s) to prevent overheating damage in the event of fan failure or air intakes becoming blocked, and a tip-over switch to shut the heater off when the fan outlet is not in the required orientation.

  • The stoves were developed with input from the women who would use them, enabling the designers to ensure that they would not tip over and that they would cook at an appropriate heat.
  • Placing a diamond-shaped object at an angle of attack relative to the supersonic flow streamlines will result in two oblique shocks propagating from the front tip over the top and bottom of the wing, with Prandtl-Meyer expansion fans created at the two corners of the diamond closest to the front tip.
  • However, the lower weight of plastic makes grit bins easier to steal or tip over.
  • It has been known to cause high-profile vehicles such as semi-trucks to lose control or tip over.
  • If the truck is not parked on relatively horizontal ground, the sudden change of weight and balance due to lifting of the body and dumping of the material can cause the truck to slide, or even to tip over.

  • Points at which the wheelchair can tip over sideways are the fulcrum.
  • To form images, scanning probe microscopes raster scan the tip over the surface.
  • when a guy wire support failed, causing the tower to tip over in the opposite direction.
  • Tilt switches provide a rollover or tip over warning for applications like construction equipment and lift vehicles that operate in rugged terrain.
  • Once set in motion, a top will usually wobble for a few seconds, spin upright for a while, then start to wobble again with increasing amplitude as it loses energy, and finally tip over and roll on its side.

  • Biers are generally smaller than the coffin or casket they support for reasons of appearance. As a result, they are not particularly stable, and can tip over unless well-centered and undisturbed.
  • In right turns, they can tip over if curves are taken too fast.
  • In 2005, the 1000DS Multistrada received an improved side stand (the 2003–2004 side stand was too short and made the bike prone to accidental tip-over), redesigned seats with softer padding and less angular shapes, improved mirrors with longer stems for better visibility and the optional touring screen from the 2003–2004 model year became standard.
  • The most commonly activated sensor is an overweight sensor that will not allow the platform to raise if the maximum operating weight is exceeded.
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