Translation for 'tipsy' from English to Russian
ADJ   tipsy | tipsier | tipsiest
SYNO potty | tiddly | tipsy
подвыпивший {adj} [разг.]tipsy [coll.]
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Translation for 'tipsy' from English to Russian

tipsy [coll.]
подвыпивший {adj} [разг.]
Usage Examples English
  • He specialized in cynical, wise-cracking (and often tipsy) characters, and his rapid-fire delivery enlivened many comedies and crime thrillers in the 1930s and 1940s.
  • One of the more memorable scenes in the book (in Chapter 62) has Shi Xiangyun going tipsy and falling asleep amongst the flowers on a stone bench in the Prospect Garden, surrounded by butterflies, with her fan half-buried in scattered petals.
  • When Mrs Mopp gets tired, she can revive herself by having a swig of sherry, but care must be taken not to drink too much, or Mrs Mopp will become first tipsy (reversed controls), then drunk (random movement).
  • Before the play's first out-of-town tryout in Boston, the conflicted Parker goes to see his ex-wife, Ivy, and gets a little tipsy.
  • In the print and online versions of the "Daily Mail" in 2016, Letts described the BBC journalist Andrew Marr as "Captain-Hop-Along, growling away on BBC One, throwing his arm about like a tipsy conductor".

  • The Scots have a similar dish to the trifle, tipsy laird, made with Drambuie or whisky.
  • In the center of the plot of the film are three erotic tales told by the attendant Mitrich to a tipsy company who came to take a steam bath in a Russian bath.
  • Winehouse was reported to be tired, distracted and "tipsy" during the performance.
  • Calliope hurries to depart from tipsy Bacchus.
  • Snaps and "snapsvisor" are essential elements of Swedish crayfish parties, which are notoriously tipsy affairs.

  • The Palazzo del Podeatà facade, while still displaying the tipsy arrangement of windows is more sober in its decoration.
  • Magan (मगन Hindi, मग्न Sanskrit) meaning sunk, or colloquially tipsy, is a surname common in the Hindi Belt.
  • When they dispose of the waste at the farm itself, it seeps into the groundwater. The result is a barnyard full of very tipsy animals.
  • The tipsy cake originated in the mid-18th century. A recipe for cake or biscuits, alcohol, and custard combined in a trifle bowl came to the American colonies via the British, who settled in the coastal south.
  • In an attempt to get Dan drunk again, Cornie gets tipsy instead and needs to drive his chuck wagon that way.

  • She gets tipsy at a country club dinner and praises her husband's work in front of colleagues, then urges him to ask boss Edmund Jethrow for a partnership.
  • A tipsy Henry drags the mannequin all over town, only to meet the police, Effie, and her lawyer waiting for him at home.
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