Translation for 'tired' from English to Russian
ADJ   tired | more tired [also: tireder] | most tired [also: tiredest]
VERB   to tire | tired | tired
tiring | tires
усталый {adj}tired
устать от [+gen.]to be tired of
уставать от чего-л. [несов.]to get tired of sth.
опостылеть кому-л. [сов.] [разг.]
to make sb. sick (and tired)
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Usage Examples English
  • Until he was tired and weak.
  • A tired flock of cranes still flies – their wings flap.
  • Lawless himself has been critical of "Inside The Electric Circus", going as far as to name it his least favorite W.A.S.P. album, calling it a "tired record done by a tired band".
  • The last fence on the final lap and which has often seen very tired horses fall.
  • Pink is tired of his life as a fascist dictator and the hallucination ends. Also tired of "The Wall", he accordingly devolves into his own mind and puts himself on trial.

  • So overwhelming was the jubilation, that no one knew more about the tired jumento they had left by the door.
  • Alice is growing tired of Donald because he is needy. Ed is getting tired of meaningless sex. He eventually starts dating a woman named Sandy and grows to like her more and more.
  • She prayed so much by night that she hung a rope between two pillars in the mosque and held onto it when she became too tired to stand.
  • I was tired of signing autographs. I was tired of being BS'd out of my money...I just got tired."
  • Inchoative verbs, such as "kuchoka" "to get tired", which describe the entering of a state, are used in the perfect to indicate "being" in the state in question.

  • In "The Guardian", the Anataban collective said, "We are tired of war and all the suffering that comes with it.
  • Smith expressed that she was tired of feeling unwelcome and feeling like she should stick to the back of the room at the largely straight white male dominated hardcore shows that she was attending.
  • Rubber-tired rail cars achieved greater success in France, as Michelin built 30 for the Eastern Railway of France in 1937.
  • Everyone grows tired of the Chucks' pranks on Halloween.
  • Matt and Bongo are tired of being told to wait.

  • He said that voters were tired of a government which would not look after the defences of the Empire and tired of seeing men unemployed when tariff reform could restore jobs.
  • 5/5 stars and wrote, "The Courier" is a tired thriller, filled with tired actors playing tired characters, wrapped up in a tired story."
  • Rubber-tired monorails are typically designed to cope with a 6% grade.
  • This was a campaign aimed at people who are 'tired' of the constant constitutional debate; "SNP politicians are still campaigning for an independence referendum that Scotland does not want.
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