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упоминать кого-л./что-л. [несов.] [ссылаться]to allude to sb./sth.
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Usage Examples English
  • Ignatius himself wrote that he would be thrown to the beasts, and in the fourth century Eusebius reports tradition that this came to pass, John Chrysostom is the first to allude to the Colosseum as the place of Ignatius' martyrdom.
  • After the death of his wife, which took place in 1497, Ludovico came to allude to a secret relationship with Isabella, claiming that it was out of jealousy of his wife that the Marquis Francesco played a double game between him and the Lordship of Venice.
  • In late 2015 and early 2016 the term "Zhao family" from Lu Xun’s novella "The True Story of Ah Q", went viral in China after it was used in an anonymous article “Barbarians at the Gate, Zhao Family Inside” to allude to princelings involvement in a business dispute.
  • Some of these silver coins bear the legend "Expectate veni", "Come long-awaited one", recognised to allude to a messianic line in the Aeneid by the Augustan poet Virgil, written more than 300 years previously.
  • The clapping game "Miss Susie" uses the break "... Hell / -o operator" to allude to the taboo word "Hell", then replaces it with the innocuous "Hello".
  • They were used both to avoid incriminating particular individuals and to allude to popular values and stories.
  • It was a common trope in American films, from the earliest days up through the 1960s, and was often used to allude to romance between the man and woman.
  • Sun-flower" has been suggested to allude to the myth of Clytie.
  • Euripides in turn uses his recognition scene to allude to the one in "Odyssey" 19.
  • and Hermann Danuser support the thesis that with the character of Beckmesser, Wagner did not intend to allude to Jewish stereotypes, but rather to criticize (academic) pedantism in general.
  • The name is based on the idea of a ship or a space ship, in order to allude to the home's ability to provide everything for their inhabitants to survive: shelter, power, waste management, water, and food.
  • Later bards to allude to the treasure include Tudur Aled and Iorwerth Fynglwyd.
  • The ‘bars undy wavy’ in chief of the shield are intended in combination with the cranes to allude to the University's name, Cranfield, which etymologically derives from ‘cranuc-feld’, meaning a field frequented by Cranes.
  • Holy Family Catholic Church was built in 2011 and its organic form was designed to allude to the mountains that surround it.
  • The pool of blood forming around Noonan's character at the end of this scene was intended to allude to the "Red Dragon" tattoos worn by the character in the novel.
  • ILM retained subtle geometric forms and patterns to allude to the original "Enterprise", and the model's digital paint recreated the "Aztec" hull pattern from the first films.
  • Certain symbols are represented in a mosque's architecture to allude to different aspects of the Islamic religion.
  • A cuffed sleeve has an extra length of fabric folded back over the arm, or just some piping or stitching above the buttons to allude to the edge of a cuff.
  • The story "The Sect of the Phoenix" is famously interpreted to allude to the ubiquity of sexual intercourse among humans [...] – a concept whose essential qualities the narrator of the story is not able to relate to.
  • The stage, built to look like a Roman playground, has a bed in the middle; the setting was intended to allude to the orgy of Roman empress Messalina.
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