Translation for 'to appease' from English to Russian
VERB   to appease | appeased | appeased
appeasing | appeases
SYNO to appease | to assuage | to conciliate | ...
успокаивать [несов.]to appease
умиротворять [несов.]to appease
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Usage Examples English
  • Texas also threatened to divide the Democrats sectionally, but Polk managed to appease most Southern party leaders without antagonizing Northern ones.
  • He endeavored in vain to appease the Adiaphoristic controversy.
  • Byzantine rule gradually vanished from Anatolia as tribute failed to appease Ottoman sultan Orhan, who took Nicomedia in 1337, leaving only Philadelpheia and a handful of ports under Byzantine control.
  • Emerging in the eighties as a response to the essentialist ideals of the thirties as well as to the criticism of the fifties and the advocates for education in the seventies, neoessentialism was created to try to appease the problems facing the United States at the time.
  • In order to appease the people of Rome an estimated 135 million sestertii was spent on donatives, or "congiaria", throughout Domitian's reign.

  • In an attempt to appease the United States, the colonial government took two steps that had been demanded by President McKinley: it ended the forced relocation policy and offered negotiations with the independence fighters.
  • Tito, whose home republic was Croatia, was concerned over the stability of the country and responded in a manner to appease both Croats and Serbs: he ordered the arrest of the Croat protestors, while at the same time conceding to some of their demands.
  • They believed that the spirit of their dead would haunt them bringing forth diseases and calamity. To appease the dead spirit they invoke the blessings of the "Nae Yakka" and other spirits, like "Bilinda Yakka", "Kande Yakka" followed by the dance ritual of the "Kiri Koraha".
  • In the History Channel's Canadian-Irish TV series "Vikings", Uppsala is visited by Ragnar Lothbrok and his entourage to worship the Aesir gods and offer a human sacrifice to appease them.
  • The move was adopted to appease anti-Pakistan constituents to vote for Sena in coming elections.

  • To appease the Pope, Louis XIV began to act as a zealot of Catholicism.
  • After a plague hit Aonia, its people asked the Oracle of Delphi, and they were told they needed to appease the anger of the king and queen of the underworld by means of sacrifice.
  • The seer Calchas erroneously advised Agamemnon that the only way to appease Artemis was to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia.
  • After Helen's abduction to Troy, Agamemnon was forced to sacrifice his own daughter Iphigenia in order to appease the gods before setting off for Ilium.
  • This was seen as an attempt to appease the frustration of the younger generation.

  • Shinto believers desire to appease the evil kami to "stay on their good side", and also to please the good "kami".
  • The period also saw labour unrest in Karachi's industrial estates beginning in 1970 that were violently repressed by the government of President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto from 1972 onwards. To appease conservative forces, Bhutto banned alcohol in Pakistan, and cracked-down of Karachi's discotheques and cabarets - leading to the closure of Karachi's once-lively nightlife.
  • In November 1963, McNamara approved the U.S. Army's order of 85,000 XM16E1s; and to appease General LeMay, the Air Force was granted an order for another 19,000 M16s.
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