Translation for 'to be available' from English to Russian
находиться в распоряжении [несов.]to be available
Partial Matches
имеющийся в наличии {adj}available
коэффициент {м} готовности
available factor
являться [несов.] [быть, представлять собой]to be
возвратиться [сов.]to be back
быть инвалидом [несов.]to be disabled
быть неверным [иметь на стороне любовную связь]to be unfaithful
оторопеть [сов.]to be baffled
радоваться [чему-л.] [несов.]to be delighted
быть безработным [несов.]to be unemployed
называться [иметь название] [тк. несов.]to be called
быть принятым во внимание [в расчёт]to be considered
удивиться [изумиться] [сов.]to be astonished
удивляться [изумляться] [несов.]to be astonished
стоить того [несов.]to be worthwhile
быть вынужденымto be compelled
сердиться [несов.]to be annoyed
сожалеть [несов.]to be sorry
быть живымto be alive
овдоветь [сов.]to be widowed
быть потерянным [несов.]to be lost
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Usage Examples English
  • While many Japanese artists (and artists in general) are quite reclusive, Asamiya often makes an effort to be available to his fans.
  • If there is more than one allograph of a unit of writing, and the choice between them depends on context or on the preference of the author, they now have to be treated as separate glyphs, because mechanical arrangements have to be available to differentiate between them and to print whichever of them is required.
  • Freedoms 1 and 3 require source code to be available because studying and modifying software without its source code can range from highly impractical to nearly impossible.
  • However, it no longer appears to be available.
  • O2 service was expected to be available soon afterwards.

  • This might be a university website setting the grades to be available where it will result in many more login requests at that time than any other.
  • ... open letters) conferring rights or privileges, which were intended to be available for all to view.
  • As requirements for online systems uptime expanded to support globalization, the Internet, and other business needs, the batch window shrank and increasing emphasis was placed on techniques that would require online data to be available for a maximum amount of time.
  • In his will, he donated funds to secure a "free bed" in the Heiden nursing home always to be available for a poor citizen of the region and deeded some money to friends and charitable organizations in Norway and Switzerland.
  • a digital image (thus emulating rub-on screentones and the fabled "checker paint" which used to be available only in cartoons).

  • 4f14 6s2), which causes only the two 6s electrons to be available for metallic bonding (in contrast to the other lanthanides where three electrons are available) and increases ytterbium's metallic radius.
  • Workshops and competitions in tatting continue to be available from lace guilds and organizations.
  • Introduced by IBM with the PC/AT, it was intended to be available as a special key to directly invoke low-level operating system functions with no possibility of conflicting with any existing software.
  • The Hasbro version continues to be available worldwide but now uses IP lookup to display Hasbro branding to North American players and Mattel branding to the rest of the world.
  • BRL-CAD's ray tracer, including the REMRT/RT tools, continue to be available and developed today as open source software.

  • A modern-day diet known as the Paleolithic diet exists, based on restricting consumption to the foods presumed to be available to anatomically modern humans prior to the advent of settled agriculture.
  • When asked if Virtual Boy games were going to be available for download on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said he could not answer, as he was unfamiliar with the platform.
  • An additional solution, the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access (SSMA), continues to be available for free download from Microsoft.
  • "Quake III Arena" was shipped to retailers on December 2, 1999; the official street date for the game was December 5, although id Software chief executive officer Todd Hollenshead expected the game to be available as early as December 3 from retailers like Babbage's and EB Games.
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