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быть способным на что-л.to be capable of sth.
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Translation for 'to be capable of sth' from English to Russian

to be capable of sth.
быть способным на что-л.
Usage Examples English
  • Ontological internalism can be distinct from access internalism, but the two are often thought to go together since we are generally considered to be capable of having reflective access to mental states.
  • In 2007, the bonnethead shark was found to be capable of asexual reproduction via automictic parthenogenesis, in which a female's ovum fuses with a polar body to form a zygote without the need for a male.
  • Witches are often reported to steal milk either by themselves or by employing toads and snakes, believed to be capable of sucking it from a cow's udder and then regurgitating it on command.
  • Inside the shell, a large spherical hydrazine tank made up most of the volume, topped by two smaller spherical nitrogen tanks and a 90 N injection rocket to slow the spacecraft down to go into lunar orbit, which was designed to be capable of firing twice during the mission.
  • To be spacefaring is to be capable of and active in the operation of spacecraft.
  • Though less active than the Motagua Fault, seismic activity at the Chixoy-Polochic Fault is still thought to be capable of producing very large earthquakes, such as the 1816 earthquake of Guatemala.
  • This was because the United States and the Soviet Union had proved themselves to be capable of casting great influence in global politics and military dominance.
  • This dagger is also described as being encrusted with small gems, the number of which decreases over time—each gem probably one of the many different kinds of ammunition drone missiles are seen to be capable of firing throughout the Culture series.
  • It was designed to be capable of being user-installable.
  • During World War I, Fokker engineers worked on the Fokker-Leimberger, an externally powered 12-barrel Gatling gun in the 7.92×57mm round claimed to be capable of firing over 7200 rounds per minute.
  • The ship's phaser system was also said to be capable of destroying continents.
  • Viscoelastic damping from tides alone is not thought to be capable of circularizing Triton's orbit in the time since the origin of the system, and gas drag from a prograde debris disc is likely to have played a substantial role.
  • Transformation is a complex process dependent on expression of numerous genes. To be capable of transformation a bacterium must enter a special physiologic state referred to as competence.
  • The system had to be capable of tracking bright stars in direct sunlight, a challenging requirement.
  • This aquifer has been estimated to be capable of supplying 800,000 people in the North for 400 years, at the current (2018) rate of consumption.
  • It has been estimated to be capable of supplying a population of 800,000 people in the North for 400 years, at the current (2018) rate of consumption.
  • He believed students ought to be capable of scrutinizing mass media, and valued the application of modern communication techniques within the education system.
  • As of 2014 about 80 species of bacteria were known to be capable of transformation, about evenly divided between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria; the number might be an overestimate since several of the reports are supported by single papers.
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