Translation for 'to be satisfied' from English to Russian
быть удовлетворённым {adj}to be satisfied
Partial Matches
довольный {adj} [удовлетворённый]satisfied
удовлетворённый {adj} {past-p}satisfied
являться [несов.] [быть, представлять собой]to be
возвратиться [сов.]to be back
быть инвалидом [несов.]to be disabled
выходи́ть [появляться, быть изданным] [несов.]to be published
смущаться [несов.]to be embarrassed
воспрещаться [несов.]to be prohibited
выходи́ть [о приказе и т.п.] [несов.]to be issued
выйти [появиться, быть изданным] [сов.]to be published
быть должнымto be due
встречаться [наблюдаться, попадаться] [тк. несов.]to be found
быть занятымto be occupied
воспрещаться [несов.]to be forbidden
заблуждаться [несов.]to be mistaken
быть неправым [несов.]to be wrong
быть в состоянии [несов.]to be able
Набери́сь терпе́ния!
Be patient!
обрадоваться [чему-л.] [сов.]to be delighted
удивиться [изумиться] [сов.]to be astonished
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Usage Examples English
  • This is because the parties must be able to make trade-offs across issues in order for both sides to be satisfied with the outcome.
  • In the meantime, fans had to be satisfied with the achievements of Hank Aaron.
  • There are conditions that need to be satisfied for the court to grant security of costs.
  • In order for a partial request to be satisfied at a fast speed from cache, Squid requires a full copy of the same object to already exist in its storage.
  • But as regards the general conduct of the Dublin Castle administration under the Whigs, Beckett concludes that "O'Connell had reason to be satisfied, and "the more so as his influence carried great weight in the making of appointments".

  • In the Monaco Grand Prix, Montoya did not reproduce his previous form and had to be satisfied with qualifying seventh.
  • In concurrent programming, guarded suspension is a software design pattern for managing operations that require both a lock to be acquired and a precondition to be satisfied before the operation can be executed.
  • This allows for cravings such as hunger and thirst to be satisfied and not disrupt the regulation of the body.
  • ... subject to the condition that one or more equations have to be satisfied exactly by the chosen values of the variables).
  • The precondition and postcondition together form a "contract" that to be satisfied by any program claiming to implement the function.

  • The Aztecs believed that Tlatlecuhtli's insatiable appetite had to be satisfied or the goddess would cease her nourishment of the earth and crops would fail.
  • He lists several demanding conditions that need to be satisfied: individuals need to display instrumental rationality, markets need to be perfectly competitive, and income and goods need to be redistributed.
  • A general devise, is a monetary gift to a specific person to be satisfied out of the overall estate.
  • The dispositional approach suggests that individuals vary in their tendency to be satisfied with their jobs, in other words, job satisfaction is to some extent an individual trait.
  • Maslow wrote that there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled in order for the basic needs to be satisfied.

  • By contrast, a technical specification is an explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, product, or service.
  • is said to be satisfied by an interpretation if the formula φ remains true regardless which individuals from the domain of discourse are assigned to its free variables [...] , ..., [...].
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