Translation for 'to concrete' from English to Russian
VERB   to concrete | concreted | concreted
concreting | concretes
бетонировать [несов.]
to concrete
бетон {м}
бетоноукладчик {м}
concrete placer
бетоноукладчик {м}
concrete spreader
бетонораздатчик {м}
concrete spreader
железобетонный мост {м}
reinforced concrete bridge
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Usage Examples English
  • Since 2013 garden sheds have been available in the UK made from TPR - a sustainable alternative to concrete.
  • The application to concrete reinforcement is slightly different in that the anodes and reference electrodes are usually embedded in the concrete at the time of construction when the concrete is being poured.
  • This leads to concrete with reduced permeability and better durability.
  • In addition to concrete, copper that was originally used on the roof of the Library of Parliament is used on the walls of the museum lobby and the LeBreton Gallery.
  • Asphaltic surfaces perform intermediately relative to concrete and chip seal.

  • However, difficulties in applying the concept to concrete cases have given rise to academic disputes about its precise definition.
  • Masonry structures held together with grout have similar properties to concrete - high compressive resistance but a limited ability to carry tensile loads.
  • Roman engineers utilized it to build the huge dome of the Pantheon with increasing amounts of pumice added to concrete for higher elevations of the structure.
  • These types are both subtypes of the more general existential type T and correspond to concrete implementation types, so any value of one of these types is a value of type T.
  • Roosevelt's attempts to tie Britain to concrete war aims and Churchill's desperation to bind the US to the war effort helped to provide motivations for the meeting that produced the Atlantic Charter.

  • Even transporting the raw materials to concrete production sites adds to airborne pollution.
  • However, the circuit also has characteristics of a street circuit's enclosed nature due to concrete barriers annually built along the Lakeside Drive curve, in particular, where run-off is not available due to the proximity of the lake shore.
  • The bond strength of epoxy to concrete is stronger than the internal bond strength of concrete so the membranes won't 'blow' off the wall in the sun.
  • The Act has also been linked to concrete outcomes, such as greater public goods provision (such as public education) for areas with higher black population shares, and more members of Congress who vote for civil rights-related legislation.
  • Laws have been passed that bar "pentiti" from obtaining substantial benefits unless their revelations are later deemed new material, and lead to concrete results.

  • Beauty is mainly discussed in relation to "concrete objects" accessible to sensory perception.
  • The most widely discussed limitation of WordNet (and related resources like ImageNet) is that some of the semantic relations are more suited to concrete concepts than to abstract concepts.
  • In combination with surfactants, TSP is an excellent agent for cleaning everything from laundry to concrete driveways.
  • Later that same decade, many of the city's brick sidewalks were converted to concrete; the bronze plaques of the concrete installers are still visible today.
  • Concrete theories often have a factorization system in which [...] consists of the embeddings in the previous sense.

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