Translation for 'to corner sb' from English to Russian
загнать кого-л. в угол [перен.]to corner sb.
Partial Matches
угол {м} [напр., угол дома, комнаты]corner
красный угол {м}
icon corner
угловой диван {м}
corner sofa
угловой удар {м} [футбол]corner kick [soccer]
отсылать кого-л. к кому-л. [несов.]to refer sb. to sb.
калечить кого-л. [несов.]to maim sb.
поступить несправедливо с кем-л.to wrong sb.
занимать кого-л. [несов.]to preoccupy sb.
сурьма {ж} <Sb>
antimony <Sb>
забавлять кого-л. [несов.]to amuse sb.
перебить кого-л. [прервать] [сов.]to interrupt sb.
душить кого-л. [несов.]to choke sb.
чернить кого-л. [перен.] [несов.]to vilify sb.
оскорблять [несов.] кого-л.to offend sb.
относиться с недоверием к кому-л. [несов.]to distrust sb.
превзойти кого-л. [сов.] [затмить]to outshine sb.
обезглавливать кого-л. [несов.]to behead sb.
ругать кого-л. [несов.]to scold sb.
насмехаться на кем-л. [несов.]to taunt sb.
оскорбить кого-л. [сов.]to insult sb.
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Usage Examples English
  • This is because the distance from the center to an edge is only approximately 1/3 the distance along the edge from corner to corner.
  • Hong sets a trap to corner Feng, but Feng is unfazed and smiles manically at Hong.
  • In 1870, Adams wrote an article, "The New York Gold Conspiracy", that detailed Gould and Fisk's scheme to corner the gold market, and hinted that Grant had participated in or at least known of the scheme.
  • "A Corner in Wheat" is a 1909 American short silent film which tells of a greedy tycoon who tries to corner the world market on wheat, destroying the lives of the people who can no longer afford to buy bread.
  • Racing drivers experience extremely large g-forces because formula cars and sports prototypes generate more downforce and are able to corner at significantly higher speeds.

  • The various problems that arose during the initial introduction of the policy were slowly modified and progressively became more targeted to corner women into limited control over their own bodies.
  • In 1962, De Angelis began to accumulate massive quantities of soybean oil to attempt to corner the soybean oil market.
  • The angle of view produced by diagonal fisheyes only measures 180° "from corner to corner": they have a 180° "diagonal" angle of view (AOV), while the horizontal and vertical angles of view will be smaller.
  • Enlarging lenses have an optimum range of apertures which yield a sharp image from corner to corner, which is 3 f/ stops smaller than the maximum aperture of the lens.
  • Mixed martial arts also had influence in a similar matter, in UFC 1 world-champion savateur Gerard Gordeau participated, reaching the finals where he lost to Royce Gracie, and he went to corner and train many future Dutch MMA fighters.

  • They learned of financial market incidents, including Russian attempts to corner the wheat market and the Hunt brothers' efforts to corner the silver market on what became known as Silver Thursday.
  • It can also help a driver to corner more safely. If too much throttle is applied during cornering, the driven wheels will lose traction and slide sideways.
  • Instead of a tassel and button on top of the board, there are two black ribbons that are attached from corner to corner of the board forming a cross.
  • The next stretch is called the Deer Lake to Corner Brook Trail and pretty much follows Route 1 through Pasadena, Steady Brook, and Corner Brook on the south side of the Upper Humber River, ending as it crosses Route 450.
  • Pool operators tried to corner a stock and drive the price up, or drive the price down with a "bear raid".

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