Translation for 'to dwell' from English to Russian
VERB   to dwell | dwelt / dwelled | dwelt / dwelled
dwelling | dwells
SYNO to brood | to consist | to dwell | ...
пребывать [несов.] [находиться где-л. какое-то время]to dwell
проживать [жить где-л.] [несов.]to dwell [live in]
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Usage Examples English
  • The genus was erected by the German naturalist Johann Jakob Kaup in 1829. The name "Cisticola" is from Ancient Greek "kisthos", "rock-rose", and Latin "colere", "to dwell".
  • Skåneland was a rather unpleasant place to dwell for an extended period.
  • This man suggests that it is better to enjoy the present time in one's life than to dwell on the past, as "the evening" is, after all, the best part of the day.
  • In County Limerick, a Donn Fírinne was said to dwell in the sacred hill of Cnoc Fírinne (Knockfeerina or Knockfierna), and folklore told of people being brought into the hill to be with Donn when they died.
  • In the Upanishads, Svaha confesses to be enamoured by Agni and wishes to dwell with him.

  • The Maero are said to harbour anger towards the Māori, who arrived from Hawaiki, and are thought to have displaced them and ruined the tapu (sacredness) of their homes, forcing them to dwell in inhospitable alpine regions.
  • Hikuleʻo's ancestors were, according to one source, the god Pil'e (Limu according to others) and the goddess Kele, who came from Pulotu and created the mythical land of Tongamamaʻo for their children to dwell in.
  • , which translates roughly as 'How good it is to dwell in unity'.
  • In one of the earliest references to them, a probably 7th-century elegy for Mess-Telmann, they are said to dwell "under the worlds of men".
  • Manannán is also said to dwell in the Land of Promise (Tír Tairngire), as in the tale "Echtra Cormaic".

  • The Kraken are legendary sea monsters of giant proportions said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, usually portrayed in art as giant cephalopods attacking ships.
  • If the heart was in balance with the Feather of Ma'at, the "ka" passed judgment and was granted access to the Beautiful West as an "akh" who was "ma’a heru" ("true of voice") to dwell among the gods and other "akhu".
  • This connection likely originates from the tendency of many salamanders to dwell inside rotting logs.
  • Sometimes they explained the Túath Dé as fallen angels; neutral angels who sided neither with God nor Lucifer and were punished by being forced to dwell on the Earth; or ancient humans who had become highly skilled in magic.
  • That mountain wherein God desires to dwell (i.e. Mount Moriah in Jerusalem), even the Lord shall dwell [...] forever more.

  • Leocadia was left nothing in Goya's will; mistresses were often omitted in such circumstances, but it is also likely that he did not want to dwell on his mortality by thinking about or revising his will.
  • Sometimes they explained the Tuath Dé as fallen angels; neutral angels who sided neither with God nor Lucifer and were punished by being forced to dwell on the Earth; or humans who had become highly skilled in magic.
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