Translation for 'to explode' from English to Russian
VERB   to explode | exploded | exploded
exploding | explodes
SYNO to blow up | to break loose | to burst | ...
взрываться [несов.]to explode
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Translation for 'to explode' from English to Russian

to explode
взрываться [несов.]
Usage Examples English
  • Ultimately, the audience — consisting of other world leaders — were brought into the fight, and eventually Earth was seen to explode.
  • Sharon dies soon after, and a fight erupts between Cain and Charles that causes some of Kurt's lab equipment to explode.
  • Following the dimming of Betelgeuse in December 2019, reports appeared in the science and mainstream media that again included speculation that the star might be about to explode as a supernova – even in the face of scientific research that a supernova is not expected for perhaps 100,000 years.
  • Heat will cause the portion of the lamp which has oil on it to expand when it is on creating the bubble, and causing the lamp to explode.
  • A bomb was discovered smoking and ready to explode next to railings outside the building.

  • The X-rays heat this material and cause it to explode.
  • The rounds consisted of lead azide centers with lacquer-sealed aluminum tips designed to explode upon impact.
  • The public's concern about the federal budget deficit and fears of professional politicians allowed the independent candidacy of billionaire Texan Ross Perot to explode on the scene in dramatic fashion—at one point Perot was leading the major party candidates in the polls.
  • The energy released by these reactions may be enough to melt the warhead, but even at lower fission rates the "burning up" of some of the fuel in the primary can cause it to fail to explode properly, or "fizzle".
  • In the game, a character infected by a werewolf will eventually transform instantly into a werewolf as their body seems to explode.

  • "I didn't even get through the first song before I thought my head was going to explode".
  • During the climactic battle at Srirangapatna in 1799, British shells struck a magazine containing rockets, causing it to explode and send a towering cloud of black smoke with cascades of exploding white light rising up from the battlements.
  • It was also inert and required a powerful detonator to cause it to explode, and was therefore safe to transport and store.
  • In April 2022, during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian cruiser Moskva was sunk in the western Black Sea by sea-skimming Neptune missiles of the Ukrainian armed forces while the Russians claimed that an onboard fire had caused munitions to explode and damage the ship extensively.
  • Bird bombs are low-powered rounds that fire a firecracker that is fused to explode a short time after firing. These are also used to scare animals.

  • Massive stars like Antares are expected to explode as supernovae.
  • Also included in the force were several fireships, carrying 40 barrels of gunpowder and rigged to explode by a clockwork mechanism.
  • This technique is tricky and slight variations in the functioning of the fuze can cause it to explode too high and be ineffective, or to strike the ground instead of exploding above it.
  • Some 80 million bombs failed to explode and remain scattered throughout the country, rendering vast swaths of land impossible to cultivate.
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