Translation for 'to include' from English to Russian
VERB   to include | included | included
including | includes
SYNO to admit | to include | to let in
включать [несов.] [в себя]to include
охватить [сов.] [включать]to include
заключать [несов.] [в себе]to include
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Usage Examples English
  • The earliest example of a spiritual autobiography is Augustine's "Confessions" though the tradition has expanded to include other religious traditions in works such as Mohandas Gandhi's "An Autobiography" and "Black Elk Speaks".
  • Atari originally intended to include GEM's GDOS (Graphical Device Operating System), which allows programs to send GEM VDI (Virtual Device Interface) commands to drivers loaded by GDOS.
  • The Power Macintosh 7300/8600/9600 were the final Macs to include AAUI, and 10BASE-T became universal starting with the Power Macintosh G3 and PowerBook G3.
  • While the term originally referred solely to "operating" the aircraft, it has since been expanded to include technology, business, and other aspects related to aircraft.
  • Earlier playwrights such as Thespis had already expanded the cast to include an actor who was able to interact with the chorus.

  • To avoid Mexican ports of call during the swine flu outbreak of 2009, many cruises were rerouted to include Astoria. The floating residential community MS "The World" visited Astoria in June 2009.
  • Soon after the Gulf War, the Aegis Combat System was expanded to include ABM capabilities.
  • Through his work in Vienna, he was given a leave of absence for half the year in order to let him travel the world to collect musical information to include in his "History of Music" book.
  • It could be placed in an enlarged Saniculoideae, or restored to Apioideae if the latter were expanded to include Saniculoideae.
  • These axiom schemata are also used in the predicate calculus, but additional logical axioms are needed to include a quantifier in the calculus.

  • Kurosawa turned to a script he had written before "Yojimbo", reworking it to include the hero of his previous film.
  • As an architect or engineer becomes more concerned with the disadvantages of transportation networks, and dependence on distant resources, their designs tend to include more autonomous elements.
  • A BIOS implementing ARMD allows the user to include ARMD devices in the boot search order.
  • This term also came to include coastal artillery which traditionally defended coastal areas against seaborne attack and controlled the passage of ships.
  • Few of his other paintings resemble this apocalyptic scene of two huge armies dominated by an extravagant landscape seen from a very high viewpoint, which looks south over the whole Mediterranean from modern Turkey to include the island of Cyprus and the mouths of the Nile and the Red Sea (behind the isthmus to the left) on the other side.

  • In more modern English usage, the term "adobe" has come to include a style of architecture popular in the desert climates of North America, especially in New Mexico, regardless of the construction method.
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