Translation for 'to inherit' from English to Russian
VERB   to inherit | inherited | inherited
inheriting | inherits
унаследовать [сов.]to inherit
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Translation for 'to inherit' from English to Russian

to inherit
унаследовать [сов.]
Usage Examples English
  • Denis negotiated with Clement's successor John XXII for recognition of the new order and its right to inherit Templar assets and property.
  • ... ") because he was not expected to inherit significant lands.
  • The exclusion from inheritance of a person who was an heir in a previous will, or would otherwise be expected to inherit, is termed "disinheritance".
  • Genealogy research is also performed for scholarly or forensic purposes, or to trace legal next of kin to inherit under intestacy laws.
  • Afonso was born in Coimbra. As the second son of King Afonso II of Portugal, he was not expected to inherit the throne, which was destined to go to his elder brother Sancho.

  • It is shown as the source of Queen Serenity's power during the age of Silver Millennium, with Usagi Tsukino and Chibiusa each going on to inherit the Crystal in some form.
  • Although it is not very common to inherit dementia from a parent or grandparent, there are genetic linked causes of dementia.
  • They claimed the right of the Perseids to inherit the various kingdoms of the Peloponnese and cast lots for the dominion of them, thus leaving the Atreids as the final rulers of Legendary Mycenae.
  • The word entered English politics during the 1680s, emerging as a pejorative term to describe supporters of James II of England during the Exclusion Crisis, and his hereditary right to inherit the throne despite his Catholic faith.
  • Tables can be set to inherit their characteristics from a "parent" table.

  • However some in the Qumran community possibly believed in predestination, for example 1QS states that "God has caused (his chosen ones) to inherit the lot of the Holy Ones".
  • Both Duryodhana and Yudhishthira claim to be first in line to inherit the throne.
  • Multiple inheritance allows programmers to use more than one totally orthogonal hierarchy simultaneously, such as allowing "Cat" to inherit from "Cartoon character" and "Pet" and "Mammal" and access features from within all of those classes.
  • Boursiquot has noted that Merlot has seemed to inherit some of the best characteristics from its parent varieties—its fertility and easy ripening ability from Magdeleine Noire des Charentes and its color, tannin and flavor phenolic potential from Cabernet Franc.
  • In JUnit 3, test fixtures had to inherit from [...]. Additionally, test methods had to be prefixed with 'test'.

  • Despite the firm's name, Burnham was the nominal survivor; the Drexel name came first only at the insistence of the more powerful investment banks, whose blessing was necessary for the merged firm to inherit Drexel's position as a "major" firm.
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