Translation for 'to justify' from English to Russian
VERB   to justify | justified | justified
justifying | justifies
SYNO to absolve | to apologise | to apologize | ...
оправдывать [несов.]to justify
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Translation for 'to justify' from English to Russian

to justify
оправдывать [несов.]
Usage Examples English
  • A well-defined objective helped Project Apollo accomplish its goal, but after it was completed it was hard to justify continuing the lunar missions.
  • It makes sense to also reject this premise in the case of principles to justify induction.
  • Conservatives who opposed social programs and increased government intervention argued against Roosevelt's attempt to justify and depict the war as necessary for the defense of lofty goals.
  • The first factor is "the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes." To justify the use as fair, one must demonstrate how it either advances knowledge or the progress of the arts through the addition of something new.
  • The analysis of variance provides the formal tools to justify these intuitive judgments.

  • using the law of large numbers to justify estimating probabilities by frequencies.
  • "Homosexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study of Male Homosexuals", a large-scale 1962 study of homosexuality by Irving Bieber and other authors, was used to justify inclusion of the disorder as a supposed pathological hidden fear of the opposite sex caused by traumatic parent–child relationships.
  • Quotes from the Quran and Hadith were used by Muslims in the Kuomintang-controlled Muslim publication, the "Yuehua", to justify Chiang Kai-shek's rule over China.
  • However, Austria-Hungary viewed this as insufficient and used this lack of full compliance to justify military intervention.
  • Candide, the impressionable and incompetent student of Pangloss, often tries to justify evil, fails, invokes his mentor and eventually despairs.

  • Those who apply the labels of "crime" or "criminal" intend to assert the hegemony of a dominant population, or to reflect a consensus of condemnation for the identified behavior and to justify any punishments prescribed by the state (if standard processing tries and convicts an accused person of a crime).
  • It was proclaimed in order to justify the Soviet-led occupation of Czechoslovakia earlier in 1968, with the overthrow of the reformist government there.
  • Like its predecessor, the 747X family was unable to garner enough interest to justify production, and it was shelved along with the 767-400ERX in March 2001, when Boeing announced the Sonic Cruiser concept.
  • The Railway Executive was conscious that some lines on the (then very dense) network were unprofitable and hard to justify socially, and a programme of closures began almost immediately after nationalisation.
  • Further, many waste traders sought to exploit the good name of recycling and begin to justify all exports as moving to recycling destinations.

  • Only a few side bets, like "Insurance" and "Lucky Ladies", offer a sufficient win rate to justify the effort of advantage play.
  • Fascist Italy's official foreign policy positions commonly used rhetorical ideological hyperbole to justify its actions, although during Dino Grandi's tenure as Italy's foreign minister the country engaged in [...] free of such fascist hyperbole.
  • Common among the mislabeled works are all of the reasons identified for misattributing Cuyp's works: the lack of biography and chronology of his works made it difficult to discern when paintings were created (making it difficult to pinpoint an artist); contentious signatures added to historians' confusion as to who actually painted the works; and the collaborations and influences by different painters makes it hard to justify that a painting is genuinely that of Aelbert Cuyp; and finally, accurate identification is made extremely difficult by the fact that this same style was copied (rather accurately) by his predecessor.
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