Translation for 'to laugh at sb' from English to Russian
смеяться над кем-л. [несов.]to laugh at sb.
Partial Matches
смеяться над чем-л. [несов.]to laugh at sth.
подмигивать кому-л. [несов.]to wink at sb.
глазеть на кого-л./что-л. [разг.]to gape at sb./sth.
смотреть на кого-л./что-л. [несов.]to look at sb./sth.
глодать кого-л./что-л. [несов.] [тж. перен.]to gnaw at sb./sth. [also fig.]
отсылать кого-л. к кому-л. [несов.]to refer sb. to sb.
на конуat stake
показывать на [несов.]to point at
порой {adv}at times
в лучшем случае {adv}at best
астат {м} <At>
astatine <At>
в распоряжении {adj}at disposal
свободно {adv} [непринуждённо]at ease
по меньшей мере {adv}at least
по крайней мере {adv}at least
ночью {adv}at night
дома {adv}at home
сначала {adv}at first
в день рождения
at a birthday
работы {мн} на высоте
work at heights
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Usage Examples English
  • Winters said that he learned to laugh at his situation but admitted that his adult life had been a response to sorrow.
  • Alone, Aldonza ponders Quixote's behavior and her inability to laugh at him ("What Do You Want of Me? ...
  • Clapter: When the audience cheers or applauds an opinion that they agree with, but which is not funny enough for them to laugh at. Coined by Seth Meyers.
  • displayed a trait that he said he often wished for in his subjects: the ability to laugh at oneself".
  • As Cooper lay dying on the floor, the audience continued to laugh at him believing it was part of an act.

  • The complaints stem from a perception that viewers are intended to laugh at Chandra's accent, rather than at the ad copy itself, and that similar lyrics performed without an accent would not be considered humorous.
  • The comedian Felix Dexter has said that he appreciated the humour of an innocent ignoramus confronting an expert with neither understanding the other, but felt that "a lot of the humour is laughing at black street culture and it is being celebrated because it allows the liberal middle classes to laugh at that culture in a safe context where they can retain their sense of political correctness".
  • In response to all of the honours Callwood had received, she was known to laugh at the irony of all these accolades for a high-school dropout "with a criminal record," she was always quick to add.
  • "Born to Laugh at Tornadoes" (1983) had even more guest musicians, including Ozzy Osbourne rapping over electro, Mitch Ryder singing a techno-rockabilly number, Mel Tormé performing a ballad about asphyxiation, and an abstract funk piece called "Man vs.
  • Among others, it was being granted license to laugh at aspects of Cuban speech and culture which the audience already found funny.

  • Treadwell-Collins stated that his aim was not to be too pretentious or "try-hard cool" with Sharon's new bar, but for the bar to be somewhere where viewers would want to visit and something for them to laugh at.
  • "Humor breaks down barriers and being able to laugh at oneself is the first step down that road," Frank explains.
  • According to Kitano, his purpose in this movie was to laugh at his own gags, to make a mockery of them.
  • As he says in "The Barber of Seville": "I must force myself to laugh at everything lest I be obliged to weep."
  • Their role was to laugh at absurdities and pompousness of both sides of the system and provoke independent thinking.

  • Tormé made a guest vocal appearance on the 1983 album "Born to Laugh at Tornadoes" by the progressive pop band Was (Not Was).
  • Whereas the performances of the actors and crew could be controlled, live audiences could not be relied upon to laugh at the "correct" moments; other times, audiences were deemed to have laughed too loudly or for too long.
  • ; or he invites us to laugh at harmless eccentricities of human nature ("On People with One Idea" [...]).
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