Translation for 'to live' from English to Russian
VERB   to live | lived | lived
living | lives
SYNO alive | bouncy | hot | ...
жить [несов.]to live
проживать [жить где-л.] [несов.]to live [reside]
жить за счёт кого-л./чего-л.to live off sb./sth.
живая музыка {ж} [перен.]live music [fig.]
жить впроголодь [разг.]to live from hand to mouth [fig.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Kat's death is the last straw that finally causes Paul to lose his will to live.
  • 2 Best Big City in "Best Places to Live" by "Money" magazine in 2006, and No.
  • His wife Louise continued to live there until her death in 1946.
  • At this time he tended to live secluded from public life and more for the sake of his family until his eventual death in 1827 from a series of illnesses which began in 1823.
  • The form of home automation called assistive domotics focuses on making it possible for elderly and disabled people to live independently.

  • Many settlements grew along the road from Brasília to Belém with the highway and National Integration Program, however, the program failed as the settlers were unequipped to live in the delicate rainforest ecosystem.
  • After the birth of Natalia in 1714, Alexei brought his long-time Finnish serf mistress Afrosinia to live in the palace.
  • Lucius had gone to live with his second paternal aunt Domitia Lepida the Younger after Caligula had taken his inheritance away from him.
  • In 1550 thirty Spanish families were sent to live here from Mexico City to have a permanent base of European residents.
  • The afterlife or life after death is a purported existence in which the essential part of their stream of consciousness or an individual's identity continues to live after the death of their physical body.

  • When Chloris married and had children, Apollo granted her son Nestor the years he had taken away from the Niobids. Hence, Nestor was able to live for 3 generations.
  • He appears to relish the coming of the plague, and Tarrou thinks it is because he finds it easier to live with his own fears now that everyone else is in a state of fear, too.
  • Arthur moved to Hamburg to live with his friend Jean Anthime, who was also studying to become a merchant.
  • The largest mammal to live in the highest altitudes are the alpine ibex, which have been sighted as high as [...].
  • ... 422 CE), Ānanda went on to live 120 years. [...] Following the later timeline, however, Ānanda may have lived to 75 [...] 85 years.

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