Translation for 'to mention' from English to Russian
VERB   to mention | mentioned | mentioned
mentioning | mentions
SYNO acknowledgment | citation | cite | ...
упомянуть [сов.]to mention
упоминать [несов.]to mention
упоминание {с}mention
Не сто́ит об этом.Don't mention it.
не говоря уж о [+prep.] ...not to mention ...
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Usage Examples English
  • Whenever Jan Długosz bothers to mention himself in the book, he writes of himself in the third person.
  • He told them about the land beyond Bear Mountain, but forgot to mention what lived there.
  • Lyons published "The Hollow Globe" which put forth a Symmes-like Hollow Earth hypothesis, but failed to mention Symmes himself.
  • If some dances, such as polka, cross ethnic boundaries and even cross the boundary between "folk" and "ballroom dance", ethnic differences are often considerable enough to mention.
  • In general, divisions within the church at Corinth seem to be a problem, and Paul makes it a point to mention these conflicts in the beginning.

  • He also downplayed the number of victims of an 1882 pogrom despite current evidence, and failed to mention the Beilis affair, a 1911 trial in Kiev where a Jew was accused of ritually murdering Christian children.
  • Although Dio is the earliest writer to mention them, Ammianus Marcellinus used the name to refer to Germans on the Limes Germanicus in the time of Trajan's governorship of the province shortly after it was formed, around 98-99 AD.
  • Up to the second German edition of their introduction to comparative law, Zweigert and Kötz also used to mention Soviet or socialist law as another family of laws.
  • The composer of madrigal comedies and theorist Adriano Banchieri wrote in 1609: "I must not neglect to mention the most noble of composers, Monteverdi ...
  • It makes it possible to study the most varied problems, such as city traffic problems, the stability of insect communities, the development of ordered biological structures and the growth of cancer cells to mention but a few examples.

  • Julius Caesar was the last classical writer to mention the tin trade, which appears to have declined during the Roman occupation.
  • From the study of his idols and mentors and the inspiration of his friends—not to mention his own experiments—Ginsberg developed an individualistic style that's easily identified as Ginsbergian.
  • Several associations such as Les Naturalistes de Mayotte offer guided outings (hikes, visits, bivouacs), and several marine operators accompany tourists to discover the lagoon and in particular its marine mammals, not to mention the many scuba diving clubs.
  • The wide amount of personal freedom given to citizens by the document created a situation where homosexuality was decriminalized by the French Penal Code of 1791, which covered felonies; the law simply failed to mention sodomy as a crime, and thus no one could be prosecuted for it.
  • Some New Testament passages seem to mention the (non-resurrected) dead experiencing some sort of afterlife (for example, the parable of rich man and Lazarus); yet the New Testament includes only a few myths about heaven and hell.

  • To mention a few of the memorable milestones on the road to the "scudetto": a decisive win against Juventus (2–0), with a goal scored by Elkjær after having lost a boot in a tackle just outside the box, set the stage early in the championship; an away win over Udinese (5–3) ended any speculation that the team was losing energy at the midway point; three straight wins (including a hard-fought 1–0 victory against a strong Roma side) served notice that the team had kept its polish and focus intact during their rival's final surge; and a 1–1 draw in Bergamo against Atalanta secured the title with a game in hand.
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