Translation for 'to paraphrase' from English to Russian
VERB   to paraphrase | paraphrased | paraphrased
paraphrasing | paraphrases
SYNO paraphrase | paraphrasis | to paraphrase | ...
перефразировать [сов./несов.]to paraphrase
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Translation for 'to paraphrase' from English to Russian

to paraphrase
перефразировать [сов./несов.]
Usage Examples English
  • To paraphrase O’Neil, Kiggen had harsh comments about Dunne, who was in charge of the Soroti and Lwala missions.
  • Tim Finney of "Pitchfork" called it a "stiffly blaring" track and praised its lyrics, describing them to paraphrase as eccentric in a pleasant manner.
  • The AFI Catalog offers more detail on the production, including Lawrence's behavior, as well as observations and quotes from Lanchester and Laughton, too numerous to paraphrase here.
  • Sources say she was an excellent student, achieving the status of school Prefect and passing a good number of A-level exams. To paraphrase Andrew Morton, Lady Fellowes acquired a "hatful" of O-level and A-level exams.
  • In translation theory, another term for "literal translation" is "metaphrase" (as opposed to "paraphrase" for an analogous translation).

  • Otherwise, there would be, to paraphrase Charron J.
  • "Proposta seria". To paraphrase Simpson, again, several passages in this movement circle around as though snakes chasing for-the-moment lost tails.
  • To paraphrase Fazlur Rahman on Mulla Sadra's Existential Cosmology: Existence is the one and only reality.
  • This would not have been enough for Frege because (to paraphrase him) it does not exclude the possibility that the number 3 is in fact Julius Caesar.
  • The Beatniks recognized the role of psychedelics as sacred inebriants in Native American religious ritual, and also had an understanding of the philosophy of the surrealist and symbolist poets who called for a "complete disorientation of the senses" (to paraphrase Arthur Rimbaud).

  • Brooks writes, on the one hand, "the resistance which any good poem sets up against all attempts to paraphrase it" (qtd. ...
  • To paraphrase Bateson's argument, a culture that believes that common colds are transmitted by evil spirits, that those spirits fly out of people when they sneeze, can pass from one person to another when they are inhaled or when both handle the same objects, etc., could have just as effective a "map" for public health as one that substituted microbes for spirits.
  • After, to paraphrase Knuth, "much detail", the chain is reduced to three elements and the fourth rule terminates the recursion.
  • To paraphrase: if one could write [...] as a fraction, this fraction could never be written in lowest terms, since 2 could always be factored from numerator and denominator.
  • Zweig went to college for the sole purpose of earning a doctorate in any field — to satisfy his family's aspirations — not to learn; To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, "good books replace the best universities."

  • Abraham Pais wrote about Chern in his book "Subtle is the Lord." To paraphrase one passage: the outstanding mathematician Chern has two things to say, 1) I feel very mysterious that in the fields I'm working on (general relativity and differential geometry) there is so much more that can be explored; and 2) when talking with Albert Einstein (his colleague at the IAS) about his problem of a Grand Unified Theory, I realized the difference between mathematics and physics is at the heart of the journey towards a theory of everything.
  • In addition, facilitators also need a variety of listening skills including ability to paraphrase; stack a conversation; draw people out; balance participation; and make space for more reticent group members (Kaner, et al., 1996).
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