Translation for 'to reflect' from English to Russian
VERB   to reflect | reflected | reflected
reflecting | reflects
SYNO to reflect | to reverberate | to shine
отражать [несов.] [свет, звук, тепло; воспроизводить]to reflect
размышлять о [+prep.]to reflect about
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Usage Examples English
  • Ambiguity in human language is argued to reflect principles of efficient communication.
  • Although Ares' name shows his origins as Mycenaean, his reputation for savagery was thought by some to reflect his likely origins as a Thracian deity.
  • He expanded the temple of Jupiter Feretrius to reflect these territorial successes.
  • On September 30, 2011, the Department of Defense modified regulations to reflect the repeal by deleting "homosexual conduct" as a ground for administrative separation.
  • Additionally, Dada attempted to reflect onto human perception and the chaotic nature of society.

  • If two (or more) sets apply in complementary distribution, they can be assumed to reflect a single original phoneme: "some sound changes, particularly conditioned sound changes, can result in a proto-sound being associated with more than one correspondence set".
  • The CERT curriculum (including the Train-the-Trainer and Program Manager courses) was updated in 2019 to reflect feedback from instructors across the nation.
  • In 2010 his death certificate was changed to reflect that he was never tried or convicted of charges, and that he had been lynched.
  • For example, when his wife's chiropodist expressed distress at the way Miss Mowcher in "David Copperfield" seemed to reflect her own disabilities, Dickens improved the character with positive features.
  • When the underlying field for a mathematical topic or construct is the field of complex numbers, the topic's name is usually modified to reflect that fact.

  • Those who apply the labels of "crime" or "criminal" intend to assert the hegemony of a dominant population, or to reflect a consensus of condemnation for the identified behavior and to justify any punishments prescribed by the state (if standard processing tries and convicts an accused person of a crime).
  • Suzuki explained in a 1993 "Animerica" interview the meaning behind the cryptic title: "We originally named the series 'bubblegum' to reflect a world in crisis, like a chewing-gum bubble that's about to burst."
  • contest whether these Indonesian government recognised and assigned beliefs to reflect the traditional beliefs and practices of Hindus in Indonesia before Indonesia gained independence from Dutch colonial rule.
  • Audi also developed Sound Branding Toolkit including certain instruments, sound themes, rhythm and car sounds which all are supposed to reflect the AUDI sound character.
  • In Wales and Merseyside, a strong community game had already developed with skills and plays more in keeping with the American game and the Welsh began to informally adopt the name "baseball" (Pêl Fas), to reflect the American style.

  • She changed some of her statements regarding female and male difference to reflect a greater equality between the sexes.
  • The firm mails the ballots of eligible nominees to members of the Academy in December to reflect the previous eligible year with a due date sometime in January of the next year, then tabulates the votes in a process that takes thousands of hours.
  • In the course of his treatise "On Burning Mirrors", he intended to facilitate the construction of surfaces to reflect light to a single point, he described the string construction of the ellipse [...] and assumed a property of ellipses not found in Apollonius of Perga's "Conics": the equality of the angles subtended at a focus by two tangents drawn from a point.
  • Christian churches did not have a consistent or strong presence during the initial period of English colonisation; spiritual and religious practices of Europeans and Africans tended to reflect their regional origins.
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