Translation for 'to spread sth' from English to Russian
распространять что-л. [несов.]to spread sth. [disseminate]
Partial Matches
пастообразный продукт {м} [джем, паштет, масло и т. п.]
расправлять [крылья] [несов.]to spread [wings­]
простираться [несов.]to spread [extend]
творожная паста {ж}cheese spread
литься [распространяться в воздухе] [несов.]to spread [of light, smell etc.]
переименовать что-л. в что-л. [сов.]to rename sth. sth.
пробуждать что-л. [несов.] [чувства и т. п.]to evoke sth.
примыкать к чему-л. [несов.]to adjoin sth.
расщепить что-л. [сов.]to split sth.
расщеплять что-л. [несов.]to split sth.
улучшать что-л. [несов.]to improve sth.
улучшить что-л. [сов.]to improve sth.
популяризировать что-л. [сов./несов.]to popularize sth.
популяризовать что-л. [сов./несов.]to popularize sth.
проветриватъ что-л. [несов.]to aerate sth.
изобретать что-л. [несов.]to invent sth.
сохранить что-л. [сов.]to preserve sth.
захватить что-л. [сов.]to occupy sth.
переводить что-л. [несов.] [с одного языка на другой]
to translate sth.
денонсировать что-л.to denounce sth.
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Translation for 'to spread sth' from English to Russian

to spread sth. [disseminate]
распространять что-л. [несов.]

пастообразный продукт {м} [джем, паштет, масло и т. п.]гастр.
to spread [wings­]
расправлять [крылья] [несов.]
to spread [extend]
простираться [несов.]
cheese spread
творожная паста {ж}
to spread [of light, smell etc.]
литься [распространяться в воздухе] [несов.]
to rename sth. sth.
переименовать что-л. в что-л. [сов.]
to evoke sth.
пробуждать что-л. [несов.] [чувства и т. п.]
to adjoin sth.
примыкать к чему-л. [несов.]
to split sth.
расщепить что-л. [сов.]

расщеплять что-л. [несов.]
to improve sth.
улучшать что-л. [несов.]

улучшить что-л. [сов.]
to popularize sth.
популяризировать что-л. [сов./несов.]

популяризовать что-л. [сов./несов.]
to aerate sth.
проветриватъ что-л. [несов.]
to invent sth.
изобретать что-л. [несов.]
to preserve sth.
сохранить что-л. [сов.]
to occupy sth.
захватить что-л. [сов.]
to translate sth.
переводить что-л. [несов.] [с одного языка на другой]линг.
to denounce sth.
денонсировать что-л.
Usage Examples English
  • While progress was made against the interior fires by late afternoon, firefighters realized a flammable layer of wood under the Pentagon's slate roof had caught fire and begun to spread.
  • Following the Spring of Nations in Europe and efforts of the Brotherhood of Saints Cyril and Methodius, across the so called "Southwestern Krai" of Russian Empire started to spread cultural societies of Hromada and their Sunday schools.
  • This continuous use of the land rapidly depletes the nutrients of the soil causing desertification to spread.
  • The goal of a good checksum algorithm is to spread the valid corners as far from each other as possible, to increase the likelihood "typical" transmission errors will end up in an invalid corner.
  • Schlesinger eventually became professor of comparative law at Cornell Law School helping to spread the discipline throughout the US.

  • The generalization and use of prejudices to spread hatred of homosexual people are frequent.
  • A "radiologically enhanced weapon", or "dirty bomb", uses an explosive to spread radioactive material.
  • When seated on a concrete foundation, a steel column must have a base plate to spread the load over a larger area, and thereby reduce the bearing pressure.
  • Many worms are designed only to spread, and do not attempt to change the systems they pass through.
  • ... 974 – 14 February or 9/14 March 1009), also known as "Brun" and "Boniface", was a Christian missionary bishop and martyr, who was beheaded near the border of Kievan Rus and Lithuania for trying to spread Christianity.

  • The Moravian Church has historically emphasized evangelism, especially missionary work, to spread the faith.
  • The siege of Caffa in Crimea in 1346, is known to have been the first plague outbreak with following strands, later to spread over Europe.
  • act as dispersal vectors to spread spores and seeds.
  • In order to spread out the Division Series games for broadcast purposes, the two NLDS series follow one of two off-day schedules.
  • In 2004 the first purported virus using Bluetooth to spread itself among mobile phones appeared on the Symbian OS.

  • It later served as an inspiration to Christian monastics in both the East and the West, and helped to spread the concept of Christian monasticism, particularly in Western Europe via its Latin translations.
  • He then made several journeys to the West to spread the Baháʼí message beyond its middle-eastern roots, but the onset of World War I left him largely confined to Haifa from 1914 to 1918.
  • Included in that collection were "Judgment Night" (first published in August and September 1943), the lush rendering of a future galactic empire with a sober meditation on the nature of power and its inevitable loss; "The Code" (July 1945), an homage to the classic Faust with modern theories and Lovecraftian dread; "Promised Land" (February 1950) and "Heir Apparent" (July 1950), both documenting the grim twisting that mankind must undergo in order to spread into the Solar System; and "Paradise Street" (September 1950), a futuristic take on the Old West conflict between lone hunter and wilderness-taming settlers.
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