Translation for 'to squat' from English to Russian
VERB   to squat | squatted | squatted
squatting | squats
SYNO chunky | dumpy | knee bend | ...
сидеть на корточкахto squat
незаконно поселяться
to squat [unlawfully occupy an uninhabited building]
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Usage Examples English
  • Hermit crabs are more closely related to squat lobsters and porcelain crabs than they are to true crabs (Brachyura).
  • Crouching is usually considered to be synonymous with full squatting. It is common to squat with one leg and kneel with the other leg.
  • The north eastern flank falls to Squat Beck, a feeder of Rannerdale Beck.
  • Platz later joined Armento’s Gym and was acquainted with Olympic weight lifters Norb Schemansky and Freddie Lowe and learned the proper way to squat.
  • Cars with Hydrolastic suspension do, however, have a marked tendency to squat under acceleration, and to dive under braking (and for the rear end to sag under heavy loads).

  • The group had no official space to work from and little funds so had to squat a medieval tower.
  • He was the first wicket-keeper to squat on his haunches rather than bend over from the waist.
  • It was in these two places where civilians, who merely desired to please and welcome the Japanese forces, were ordered to squat and haplessly massacred.
  • This rule, similar to squat depth, requires the bottom surface of the elbows to be in line with or below the top surface of the shoulder joint.
  • Hicks was one of the first catchers to squat right behind the batter which made catching the curveball much easier.

  • Squat toilets are arranged at floor level, which requires the individual to squat with bent knees.
  • In this variation of a cloverleaf instead of turning around when turning the opponent over, the wrestler faces the same direction as the opponent to squat and lean forward to apply more pressure to the legs, spine, and abdomen.
  • Australian wicket-keeper Sammy Carter (1878 to 1948) was the first to squat on his haunches rather than bend over from the waist (stooping).
  • Since May 2001, the Publixtheatre Caravan has been creating international travelling informational, media, and artistic campaigns, to squat reality by directly interposing theater and artistic installations into everyday life.
  • They are terrestrial birds which fly fairly weakly and prefer to squat or run when disturbed. They forage on the ground feeding mainly on insects and other invertebrates.

  • In the 17th and 18th centuries it was common for young couples to squat on land; if they were able to build a cottage over night and have smoke coming from the chimney by dawn, they could keep both the house and surrounding land.
  • During Henry's freshman year at Silsbee High School, he was already able to squat [...] , which was well over school record.
  • Before picking up golf Choi was a competitive power lifter, being able to squat [...] as a [...] 13-year-old, thus aptly nicknamed "Tank" by South Koreans.
  • Squatting is sometimes instructed during the visual search, and prolonged holding of a squat can be demanded; squats are sometimes demanded while standing over a mirror (so that the observer has an improved view).
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