Translation for 'to taint' from English to Russian
VERB   to taint | tainted | tainted
tainting | taints
SYNO contamination | taint | to cloud | ...
пятнать [несов.]to taint [reputation]
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Translation for 'to taint' from English to Russian

to taint [reputation]
пятнать [несов.]
Usage Examples English
  • Summer and Pigeon back out after White directs the four to taint the food of Sebastian Stott, whom she claims is an evil magician, with a "Clean Slate", which causes amnesia.
  • He further said that there was a conspiracy against the party and Kuruvilla to taint them.
  • The latter are all tidied up by his money-grubbing manager, who doesn't want anything to taint his cash cow.
  • Following the 1919 Major League Baseball gambling impropriety, which did much to taint a spectacular featherweight career, Attell lived a full and extraordinary life.
  • Although he undoubtedly agreed with Pius VI's 1791 condemnation of the French Revolution and was expelled from Rome when Napoleon's army invaded in 1808, he was charged with the examination of the "concordat" with France several years later and this role actually served to taint della Somaglia's reputation in the eyes of fellow "zelanti" cardinals.

  • When Avon fails to dissuade prison guard Dwight Tilghman from harassing Wee-Bey, he conspires with Stringer to taint Tilghman's illicit supply of heroin into the prison.
  • He considered the medium to taint the listener's relationship with a song and spoil their imagination of it by presenting imagery that was often "shallow and moronic".
  • This had the end result of encouraging more attempts by elements of the military to intervene in politics, and was also to taint Ugaki's bid for the office of prime minister in the future.
  • The election was thrown out by a state judge who ruled that "overzealous" and "unscrupulous" campaign workers forged so many absentee ballots as to taint the entire vote.
  • Critics of the concept view it as trivializing the meaning of antisemitism, and as exploiting antisemitism in order to silence debate and to deflect attention from legitimate criticism of the State of Israel, and, by associating anti-Zionism with antisemitism, misusing it to taint anyone opposed to Israeli actions and policies.

  • So hated was the taxation symbolised by the Custom House that the stigma of being its creator was to taint the appreciation of his work throughout his lifetime.
  • A rival railroad interest spearheaded by Champ Clanton tries to muscle its way in, trying to taint Stephen's reputation by insinuating a relationship with Rita Molyneaux, a woman with a bad reputation.
  • Since the Internet is frequently used to taint certain verdicts, many judges have put bans and limitations on jury members and their use of the Internet.
  • Lucía and Iván decide against filing a case against Saúl so as not to taint the future of Perlita.
  • The killings in Beijing continue to taint the legacies of the party elders, led by Deng Xiaoping, and weigh on the generation of leaders whose careers advanced as their more moderate colleagues were purged or sidelined at the time.

  • Resto implicated Panama Lewis as the brain behind the conspiracy to taint the gloves, but many questions still remain.
  • The relationship was to taint Pratt's reputation with the reading public as indicating a dubious moral character; one obituary published after his death tactfully refers to the relationship as "such indiscretions as too frequently accompany genius"; others simply omit any reference to his marriage altogether.
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