Translation for 'to take into account' from English to Russian
SYNO to allow | to take into account
принимать в расчёт [несов.]to take into account
принимать во внимание [несов.]to take into account
учесть [принять во внимание] [сов.]to take into account
учитывать [принимать во внимание] [несов.]to take into account
принимать во внимание что-л. [несов.]to take sth. into account
Partial Matches
оценка {ж} [мнение]account
учётная запись {ж} [везде кроме банка]account
аккаунт {м}
сальдо {с} банковского счета
account balance
(банковский) счёт {м}
(bank) account
выписка {ж} из банковского счета
account statement
бухгалтерская книга {ж}
account book
выписка {ж} из счета
abstract of account
выписка {ж} со счета
abstract of account
выписка {ж} по счету
abstract of account
(расчётный) счёт {м}
account [in bank]
текущий счет {м}
checking account [Am.]
объяснять [давать объяснения] [несов.]to account for [give an explanation]
в {prep}into
unverified улома́ть [сов.] [разг.]persuade into
вломиться [сов.] [разг.]to break into
превращаться в [несов.]to turn into
превратиться в [сов.]to turn into
unverified накачивать оружиемpour arms (into)
кануть в Лету
to pass into oblivion
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Translation for 'to take into account' from English to Russian

to take into account
принимать в расчёт [несов.]

принимать во внимание [несов.]

учесть [принять во внимание] [сов.]

учитывать [принимать во внимание] [несов.]
to take sth. into account
принимать во внимание что-л. [несов.]

оценка {ж} [мнение]

учётная запись {ж} [везде кроме банка]

аккаунт {м}информ.
account balance
сальдо {с} банковского счетафин.
(bank) account
(банковский) счёт {м}комм.фин.
account statement
unverified выписка {ж} из банковского счетафин.
account book
бухгалтерская книга {ж}бух.
abstract of account
unverified выписка {ж} из счетафин.

unverified выписка {ж} со счетафин.

unverified выписка {ж} по счетуфин.
account [in bank]
(расчётный) счёт {м}фин.
checking account [Am.]
текущий счет {м}фин.
to account for [give an explanation]
объяснять [давать объяснения] [несов.]
в {prep}
persuade into
unverified улома́ть [сов.] [разг.]
to break into
вломиться [сов.] [разг.]
to turn into
превращаться в [несов.]

превратиться в [сов.]
pour arms (into)
unverified накачивать оружием
to pass into oblivion
кануть в Летуидиом.
Usage Examples English
  • In his efforts to renew the Roman Empire, Justinian dangerously stretched its resources while failing to take into account the changed realities of 6th-century Europe.
  • Another point to take into account is the legal and ethical guidelines, which relates to who will be the owner of the data and how frequently he/she is obliged to the release this and for how long.
  • Although Danish law does not include explicit hate crime provisions, "section 80(1) of the Criminal Code instructs courts to take into account the gravity of the offence and the offender's motive when meting out penalty, and therefore to attach importance to the racist motive of crimes in determining sentence."
  • This summation needs to take into account the phase as well as the amplitude of the individual wavelets.
  • In the case of light shining through small circular holes we will have to take into account the full three-dimensional nature of the problem.

  • Solicitors must be careful when looking at older cases when quantifying a claim to ensure that the award is brought up to date and to take into account the court of appeal case in Heil v Rankin Generally speaking the greater the injury the greater the damages awarded.
  • For lighting building interiors, it is often important to take into account the color temperature of illumination.
  • Partly for this reason but also to take into account the planned restructuring of services (subsequently introduced in July 2006), TfL issued tenders for a new tram.
  • The intervals of time assigned for each road may be adjusted to take into account factors such as difference in volume of traffic, the needs of pedestrians, or other traffic signals.
  • Buildings in seismic zones are often constructed to take into account the oscillating frequencies of expected ground motion.

  • That is to take into account not only the phase delay of the reflected wave, but the phase shift that had first been applied to the forward wave, with the reflection coefficient being the quotient of these.
  • The move took place to take into account the changes to the release dates of music globally.
  • Significant amendments were made to the Constitution in 1991, and there have been a number of judicial interpretations made to take into account the fact that the Constitution covers a much smaller area than originally envisioned.
  • Measurements of these effects are not an artifact of Doppler shift, nor are they the result of neglecting to take into account the time it takes light to travel from an event to an observer.
  • To determine the amount of the loan, the pawnshop owner needs to take into account several factors.

  • Strategic planning by oligopolists needs to take into account the likely responses of the other market participants.
  • These advances have led to the current use of ensemble forecasting in most major forecasting centers, to take into account uncertainty arising from the chaotic nature of the atmosphere.
  • Both analyses failed to take into account the absorption of light by interstellar dust present in the galactic plane; but after Robert Julius Trumpler quantified this effect in 1930 by studying open clusters, the present picture of the Milky Way galaxy emerged.
  • The degree to which classification depends on inferred evolutionary history differs depending on the school of taxonomy: phenetics ignores phylogenetic speculation altogether, trying to represent the similarity between organisms instead; cladistics (phylogenetic systematics) tries to reflect phylogeny in its classifications by only recognizing groups based on shared, derived characters (synapomorphies); evolutionary taxonomy tries to take into account both the branching pattern and "degree of difference" to find a compromise between them.
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