Translation for 'to take off' from English to Russian
VERB   to take off | took off | taken off
taking off | takes off
SYNO to deduct | to depart | to get off the ground | ...
взлетать [несов.]
to take off
раздеться [сов.]to take off [clothes]
снять (одежду) [сов.]to take off [clothes]
раздеваться [несов.]to take off [clothes]
снимать (одежду) [несов.]to take off [clothes]
снимать [несов.]to take off [to remove]
вылет {м}
4 Words
взять отгул на день [несов.]to take a day off
снимать с себя одежду [несов.]to take off one's clothes
5+ Words
за час до вылетаan hour before take-off
Partial Matches
брать [несов.]to take
принимать меры [действовать]to take action
unverified прийти к властиto take power
брать отпускto take leave
unverified возвратитьto take back
ошеломлятьto take aback
принимать участиеto take part
уносить [несов.]to take away
иметь местоto take place
unverified сорватьto tear off
unverified отправляться в путешествиеset off
расплатиться [сов.]to pay off
обеспеченный {adj}well off
справиться [с чем-либо]
to pull off
выключать [несов.]to turn off
выходной день {м}day off
выходной {м} [день]day off
выключать [несов.] [напр., электроприбор]to switch off
обрезать [несов.] [отрезать]to cut off
unverified занять определенную позицию (отстаивать свое мнение)to take a stand
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Translation for 'to take off' from English to Russian

to take off
взлетать [несов.]авиа.
to take off [clothes]
раздеться [сов.]

снять (одежду) [сов.]

раздеваться [несов.]

снимать (одежду) [несов.]
to take off [to remove]
снимать [несов.]

вылет {м}авиа.

to take a day off
взять отгул на день [несов.]
to take off one's clothes
снимать с себя одежду [несов.]

an hour before take-off
за час до вылета

to take
брать [несов.]
to take action
принимать меры [действовать]
to take power
unverified прийти к власти
to take leave
брать отпуск
to take back
unverified возвратить
to take aback
to take part
принимать участие
to take away
уносить [несов.]
to take place
иметь место
to tear off
unverified сорвать
set off
unverified отправляться в путешествие
to pay off
расплатиться [сов.]
well off
обеспеченный {adj}
to pull off
unverified справиться [с чем-либо]занятие
to turn off
выключать [несов.]
day off
выходной день {м}

выходной {м} [день]
to switch off
выключать [несов.] [напр., электроприбор]
to cut off
обрезать [несов.] [отрезать]
to take a stand
unverified занять определенную позицию (отстаивать свое мнение)
Usage Examples English
  • An airport is an aerodrome with facilities for flights to take off and land.
  • By the time Scott and Irwin were ready to take off from the lunar surface and return to "Endeavour", the CSM's orbit had drifted due to the rotation of the Moon, and a plane change burn was required to ensure that the CSM's orbit would be in the same plane as that of the LM once it took off from the Moon.
  • Most have been designed to take off and land conventionally using a runway.
  • In 2005, a mother accused her daughter's school in Derby, England, of discriminating against Christians after the teenager was suspended for refusing to take off a crucifix necklace.
  • Arif Iqbal strafed another HF-24 which was trying to take off from the airbase.

  • Typically cartoonists are expected to produce sufficient strips to cover any period they may wish to take off.
  • It was only when he became part of the London literary scene—albeit while paying frequent visits to Italy (though never again to Florence)—that his reputation started to take off.
  • After refuelling the next day, many local volunteers helped pull the stranded aircraft out of the mud and the aircraft was able to take off and continue to Melbourne where it won first prize in the race's handicap category and was second overall.
  • After World War II JATO was often used to overcome the poor thrust of early jet engines at low speeds or for assisting heavily loaded aircraft to take off.
  • When meat packing began to take off, consumers became nervous about the quality of the meat for consumption.

  • He was the first in the Soviet Union to make a nonstop flight crossing the North Pole, with two in-flight refuelings, and the first in the Soviet Union to take off from the aircraft-carrier "Tbilisi" (later named "Kuznetsov") on a MiG 29K.
  • The step landing forms the take-off of the final phase (the jump), where the athlete utilizes the backward force from the left leg to take off again.
  • It was extended in 1995 to allow Boeing 737 aircraft to take off with maximum weight.
  • Between 10pm and 7am, air traffic controls try to use the "outboard" runways as little as possible and between midnight and 6:30am the air traffic pattern shifts to "Over-Ocean Operations" where departing aircraft continue to take off to the west, but arriving aircraft also approach from the west (over the ocean).
  • In the 1930s, the use of hydroelectricity began to take off in Dushanbe, leading it to be one of the most advanced in terms of energy production in the Soviet Union at the time; today, 96% of Tajikistan's power comes from hydroelectricity.

  • India has a fairly well developed corneal donation programme; however, donation after brain death has been relatively slow to take off.
  • The pilots intended to ram it since they did not have time to arm the jets; this was in the days before armed jets stood ready to take off at a moment's notice to protect the capital's airspace.
  • The short straight used to have a steep and sudden drop-off that caused cars to take off and a bridge that went over a pathway; these were taken out and smoothed over when the circuit was rebuilt in 1970 and 1971.
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