Translation for 'to turn on' from English to Russian
VERB   to turn on | turned on | turned on
turning on | turns on
SYNO to agitate | to arouse | to charge | ...
включать [несов.] [свет, воду, какой-л. прибор]to turn on
4 Words
распустить слюни [разг.] [расплакаться]
to turn on the waters [coll.]
Partial Matches
unverified исполняться (о возрасте)to turn
бледнеть [несов.]to turn white
выключать [несов.]to turn off
побледнеть [сов.]to turn white
превращаться в [несов.]to turn into
превратиться в [сов.]to turn into
синеть [несов.] [становиться синим]to turn blue
повернуть направоto turn right
в свою очередь {adv}in turn
выходи́ть [получаться в результате] [несов.]to turn out [result]
перевернуть вверх дном [перен.] [сов.] [разг.]to turn upside down
ворочаться с боку на бок [разг.]to toss and turn
unverified обращaть [ akk.] что-л. к чему-л., ком-л.(напр. лицо)to turn to; to direct to
перебуторить [сов.] [разг.]to turn upside down
на рубеже
at the turn of
выключать светto turn off the light
отклонять [несов.] [отказывать в чём-л.]to turn down [reject, refuse]
переворачивать страницы [несов.]to turn over the pages
Моя очередь.It's my turn.
оказываться [+instr.] [несов.]to turn out to be [prove to be]
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Translation for 'to turn on' from English to Russian

to turn on
включать [несов.] [свет, воду, какой-л. прибор]

to turn on the waters [coll.]
unverified распустить слюни [разг.] [расплакаться]идиом.

to turn
unverified исполняться (о возрасте)
to turn white
бледнеть [несов.]

побледнеть [сов.]
to turn off
выключать [несов.]
to turn into
превращаться в [несов.]

превратиться в [сов.]
to turn blue
синеть [несов.] [становиться синим]
to turn right
повернуть направо
in turn
в свою очередь {adv}
to turn out [result]
выходи́ть [получаться в результате] [несов.]
to turn upside down
перевернуть вверх дном [перен.] [сов.] [разг.]

перебуторить [сов.] [разг.]
to toss and turn
ворочаться с боку на бок [разг.]
to turn to; to direct to
unverified обращaть [ akk.] что-л. к чему-л., ком-л.(напр. лицо)
at the turn of
unverified на рубежеист.
to turn off the light
выключать свет
to turn down [reject, refuse]
отклонять [несов.] [отказывать в чём-л.]
to turn over the pages
переворачивать страницы [несов.]
It's my turn.
Моя очередь.
to turn out to be [prove to be]
оказываться [+instr.] [несов.]
Usage Examples English
  • Their sacrifice inspires the Surfer to turn on Galactus, who subsequently flees Earth.
  • Since it is designed to turn on and off rapidly, the IGBT can synthesize complex waveforms with pulse-width modulation and low-pass filters, thus it is also used in switching amplifiers in sound systems and industrial control systems.
  • When he is waiting for Helen in her maisonette, Messenger cannot resist the temptation to turn on her laptop and read parts of her journal.
  • Since the city of Vancouver generally receives a great deal of rain, it was usually only necessary to turn on the hoses to make scenes shot on the rare days when it didn't rain, to match those shot on days when it did.
  • Pinkham and Jaswal (2011) did an experiment to see if a child would learn how to turn on a light box by watching a parent.

  • Warning alarms are included to notify employees that a conveyor is about to turn on.
  • The command information to turn on the thyristors therefore cannot simply be sent using a wire connection – it needs to be isolated.
  • The title refers to the rear compartment of a lobster trap known as the "bedroom" and how it can hold only two lobsters before the lobsters begin to turn on each other.
  • If the module is switched off, operating the power switch on the lamp or appliance will cause the module to turn on.
  • It is usually used to turn on a transmitter or recorder when someone speaks and turn it off when they stop speaking.

  • In electronic alarm systems the use of this trigger event done by such devices is to turn on the alarm or siren producing sound and/or perform a security calling through telephone lines.
  • The entire imaging system was imperiled when electric heaters attached to the cameras failed to turn on immediately after launch.
  • This arouses the derision of the other apprentices, and David is about to turn on them when Sachs arrives and hustles his apprentice into the workshop.
  • The patient uses a hand-held magnet to turn on and turn off a pulse generator that is surgically implanted under the skin.
  • Moreover, ubiquitination can also act to turn on/off the kinase activity of a protein.

  • Edison was on hand to turn on the lights at the Hotel Edison in New York City when it opened in 1931.
  • PHP allows you to turn on and off the cycle collection with user-level functions.
  • The keyboard sends the key code to the keyboard driver running in the main computer; if the main computer is operating, it commands the light to turn on.
  • The i2 and x2 also introduced the wireless InfoKey which could show mileage and a trip odometer, and put the Segway into Security mode, which locked the wheels and set off an alarm if it was moved, and could also be used to turn on the PT from up to [...] away.
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