Translation for 'to use sb' from English to Russian
использовать кого-л. (в своих целях) [сов.] [несов.]to use sb.
Partial Matches
употребление {с}use
применение {с} [использование]use
пользоваться [несов.]to use
употреблять [несов.]to use
применять [несов.] силуto use force
выходить [несов.]to use up
израсходовать [сов.]to use up
в употребленииin use
в повседневном употребленииin daily use
срок {м} годностиuse-by date
Это бесполезно.It's no use.
использовать [сов.] [несов.]to use [object, tool etc.]
применятьto use [means, tools, object, materials, force]
Слезами горю не поможешь.
It's no use crying over spilt milk.
Дурная голова ногам покоя не даёт.
Those who can't use their head must use their back.
отсылать кого-л. к кому-л. [несов.]to refer sb. to sb.
поступить несправедливо с кем-л.to wrong sb.
калечить кого-л. [несов.]to maim sb.
занимать кого-л. [несов.]to preoccupy sb.
сурьма {ж} <Sb>
antimony <Sb>
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Usage Examples English
  • Writing systems have been borrowed for languages the orthography was not initially made to use.
  • Assistive technology devices have been created to enable disabled people to use modern touch screen mobile computers such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • In New Jersey, for example, the Administrative Office of the Court has promulgated a form of notice of appeal for use by appellants, though using this exact form is not mandatory and the failure to use it is not a jurisdictional defect provided that all pertinent information is set forth in whatever form of notice of appeal is used.
  • In 1768, Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin (1744–1774) published the "Historia Fucorum", the first work dedicated to marine algae and the first book on marine biology to use the then new binomial nomenclature of Linnaeus.
  • The first race to use the new system of elections was the 2022 special election to fill Alaska's only U.S.

  • In 2006 a monetary agreement with the European Union was formalized that allows Andorra to use the euro in an official way, as well as coin its own euro currency.
  • New kinds of transducers (generators and receivers of acoustic energy) were invented and put to use.
  • Some of the Australians wanted to use Bodyline in retaliation, but Woodfull flatly refused.
  • Advanced Chemistry were the first to use the term "Afro-German" in a hip hop context.
  • Despite its prevalence in the environment, no living organism is known to use aluminium salts for metabolism, but aluminium is well tolerated by plants and animals.

  • In the early 19th century, the scientist John Dalton noticed that chemical elements seemed to combine with each other by discrete units of weight, and he decided to use the word "atom" to refer to these units, as he thought these were the fundamental units of matter.
  • It has been proposed to use bacteria for removal of americium and other heavy metals from rivers and streams.
  • Alexander and his colleagues, all highly critical of the government, plan to use Alex as a symbol of state brutality and thus prevent the incumbent government from being re-elected.
  • Because of independence, the decision whether to use the axiom of choice (or its negation) in a proof cannot be made by appeal to other axioms of set theory.
  • There have been many instances of national movements to convert Arabic script into Latin script or to Romanize the language. Currently, the only Arabic variety to use Latin script is Maltese.

  • Some may suggest that it is probably advisable to use mouthwash at least an hour after brushing with toothpaste when the toothpaste contains SLS, since the anionic compounds in the SLS toothpaste can deactivate cationic agents present in the mouthwash.
  • Since the 1900s, the nation began to use Western techniques in art.
  • One aspect of writing about the meaning of humanity is to use discrimination against androids as a mechanism for exploring racism in society, as in "Blade Runner".
  • It is the belief of Old Babylonian scholars, such as Ettore Carruccio, that Old Babylonians "seem to have used the abacus for the operations of addition and subtraction; however, this primitive device proved difficult to use for more complex calculations".
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