Translation for 'to wait for' from English to Russian
ждать [+akk.] [несов.]to wait for
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подстерегать моментto wait for the moment
Partial Matches
ждатьto wait
подождать [сов.]to wait
Ему придётся подождать.He will have to wait.
с целью {prep} [+gen.]for
unverified та́к как {conj}for
для {prep} [+gen.]for
обязательно {adv}for certain
unverified пригодный дляsuitable for
сдается в арендуfor rent
на продажуfor sale
unverified ошибочно принять заto mistake for
озаботиться [сов.]to care for
заботиться [несов.]to care for
навеки {adv}for good
часами {adv}for hours
unverified зато {conj}for that
искать [несов.]to look for
за исключением [+gen.]except (for)
просить о [+prep.] [несов.]to ask for
охотиться за [+instr.]to hunt (for)
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Usage Examples English
  • It is also a polite custom to wait for the eldest guest at the table to start eating before the other diners start.
  • In practice de Terzi's spheres would have collapsed under air pressure, and further developments had to wait for more practicable lifting gases.
  • Deviations from the books' storylines were considered, but a two-year hiatus to wait for new books was not an option for them (as the child actors continue to grow and the show's popularity would wane).
  • Wright and Miriam Noel's divorce was finalized in 1927. Wright was again required to wait for one year before remarrying. Wright and Olgivanna married in 1928.
  • After building the gallows, Haman goes to the palace in the middle of the night to wait for the earliest moment he can see the king.

  • Typically, a multitasking system allows another process to run when the running process hits a point where it has to wait for some portion of memory to be reloaded from secondary storage.
  • But if a player's opponent occupies the home corner, the player may need to wait for opponent pieces to clear before filling the home vacancies.
  • In practice, factors such as the programmer's willingness to wait for the compiler to complete its task place upper limits on the optimizations that a compiler might provide.
  • Windows 95 also still sold more non-OEM copies to large customers in the month of May 1999, which analysts attributed to large companies opting to wait for the release of Windows 2000.
  • In the example above, selected options are to wait for three seconds (instead of five), send out only one query to each hop (instead of three), limit the maximum number of hops to 16 before giving up (instead of 30), with "" as the final host.

  • When practicing the sport of surfing, the surfer paddles out past the wave break to wait for a wave.
  • It allows playing video images, in approximately real-time, without having to wait for an entire large video file to download.
  • Options may include the size of the payload, count of tests, limits for the number of network hops (TTL) that probes traverse, interval between the requests and time to wait for a response.
  • The solution had to wait for the repairing of the railroad lines and bridges so that the more efficient trains could replace the gasoline-consuming truck convoys.
  • Commercial use still needed to wait for larger supplies of electricity and better carbon electrodes.

  • Actors cannot externalize their responsibility and freedom of will towards some moral truth in the world, virtuous people don't need to wait for some cognition to choose what's right.
  • This way, the control program does not have to wait for the I/O operation to complete before proceeding.
  • There is no explicit "end" instruction; instead, the WAIT instruction is used to wait for a location which is never reached.
  • Only one device on a cable can perform a read or write operation at one time; therefore, a fast device on the same cable as a slow device under heavy use will find it has to wait for the slow device to complete its task first.
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