Translation for 'toilet bag' from English to Russian
NOUN   a toilet bag | toilet bags
SYNO sponge bag | toilet bag
сумочка {ж} для туалетных принадлежностейtoilet bag [Br.]
Partial Matches
туалет {м}toilet
(туалетный) ёршик {м}toilet brush
унитаз {м}toilet bowl
крышка {ж} (для) унитазаtoilet lid
сиденье {с} для унитазаtoilet seat
туалетная бумага {ж}toilet paper
туалетная бумага {ж}toilet tissue
диспенсер {м} для туалетной бумагиtoilet paper dispenser
держатель {м} туалетной бумагиtoilet paper holder
спустить воду в туалете [сов.]to flush the toilet
сумка {ж}bag
полиэтиленовый пакет {м}polythene bag
кожаная сумка {ж}leather bag
спальник {м} [разг.] [спальный мешок]sleeping bag
чайный пакетик {м}
tea bag
пакет {м} [пластиковый или бумажный]
carrier bag
спальный мешок {м}sleeping bag
авоська {ж} [разг.]
string bag
мешок {м} для мусораtrash bag [Am.]
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Usage Examples English
  • A leg bag is usually worn during the day, as it fits discreetly under pants or skirts, and is easily emptied into a toilet.
  • The song was about the band's saxophone player and school friend David MacHale (died 2009), who had suffered a breakdown after his girlfriend was found dead in a public toilet next to an empty heroin bag.
  • Even after he finds a toilet in his "gag bag", his quest to relieve himself goes from bad to worse when he cannot find any privacy.
  • A flying toilet is a facetious name for a plastic bag that is used as a simple collection device for human faeces when there is a lack of proper toilets and people are forced to practise open defecation.
  • A comedy of errors ensues, including the return of Lisa's older brother Red, on the run from drug dealers. He dumps drugs into the toilet, and instead returns a bag of flour to the drug dealer.

  • In "The Right Stuff", during flight training astronaut Alan Shepard retains a barium enema, given two floors away from a toilet, embarrassedly riding a public elevator wearing a hospital gown and holding the enema bag with its tip still inserted in him.
  • On 20 May 2006, a resident student gave birth to a baby girl on a toilet in Studholme, and threw the dead newborn out of a window in a plastic bag.
  • He was found hanging by the drawstring of a mesh laundry bag which he had tied to an air-conditioning vent over the toilet in his jail cell.
  • The gunman's bag containing the stolen chips was recovered in a toilet.
  • While alone in the house to fix the toilet, handyman Miguel finds one of Hangman’s cameras embedded in the bathroom wall. Hangman surprises Miguel from behind and suffocates him with a plastic bag.

  • At home, Kretzer dumps bags of cocaine into his toilet and packs a bag of cash.
  • At one end is the ‘inlet’ situated at the bottom of the bag, a pipe from the toilet block brings all human waste into the bag together with a hatch for animal and kitchen waste.
  • After distracting her in the cafe, he steals her phone from her bag after she goes to the toilet and deletes the picture but she manages to obtain another copy from Katie.
  • In a toilet they found half a bag of charcoal, which they believed had intentionally been flushed to cause the backup from the sewers and destroy trace evidence.
  • Episode 63: John bursts crackers in the school toilet.

  • Officials later ruled out terrorism or sabotage, often the first suggestion in situations like this, instead reporting that a spark lit some spilled flammable liquid in the toilet of carriage number five, which was caught by the wind and ripped down the train.
  • In the late 1940s, Christian Dior introduced the word 'demi-toilet' to describe the dress.
  • The term "potty" is used when discussing the toilet with small children, such as during potty training.
  • On finding drugs at his home in the flush tank of toilet pot, he asks his subordinates to arrest Suraj.
  • It is a variant of the close stool which was used by adults before the widespread adoption of water flushed toilets.

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