Translation for 'tolerant' from English to Russian
ADJ   tolerant | more tolerant | most tolerant
SYNO broad | kind | large-minded | ...
толерантный {adj} [терпимый]tolerant
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Translation for 'tolerant' from English to Russian

толерантный {adj} [терпимый]
Usage Examples English
  • It is drought tolerant but not frost tolerant, and needs full sun.
  • Other GM crops are Phytaseed Canola varieties with phytase, sulfonylurea herbicide tolerant soybean and drought tolerant corn (with cold shock protein B) developed with Monsanto.
  • "Agropyron cristatum" is the most shade-tolerant of the crested wheatgrasses, but does best in open conditions. "A. cristatum" is extremely drought tolerant.
  • The tree is moderately tolerant of saline soil and salt-laden winds. It is also drought and frost tolerant.
  • Lemonade berry is not frost tolerant, but will hybridize with the frost tolerant Rhus ovata (sugarbush) in the foothills of California and Mexico where their ranges overlap.

  • Shade-tolerant plants are thus adapted to be efficient energy-users.
  • As a fault-tolerant time-triggered protocol, TTP provides autonomous fault-tolerant message transport at known times and with minimal jitter by employing a TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) strategy on replicated communication channels.
  • "Arbutus unedo" is quite an easy plant to cultivate, and is adaptable to many climates. Once established it is fairly drought resistant, frost resistant, shade tolerant and salt tolerant.
  • "Aquilegia barnebyi" grows in full sun to part shade, It is drought tolerant, but is not tolerant of salty conditions.
  • The SRDI554 strain is highly halotolerant, making it an ideal inoculum for the salt-tolerant pasture legume "Melilotus siculus" (messina).

  • The plant can be propagated from cuttings, is frost tolerant and drought tolerant when established but benefits from being pruned to maintain its shape.
  • All 4 cultivars are between 12 cm to 14 cm tall, flower between April and May, are hardy, drought tolerant and salt tolerant.
  • "Melaleuca thyoides" is a salt tolerant species and also moderately tolerant of water logging and drought.
  • A relative of wheat, "Thinopyrum junceum" is salt-tolerant. A hybridization of the two creates a salt-tolerant wheat variety.
  • "Nassella cernua" is cultivated as a drought-tolerant ornamental grass by specialty plant nurseries, for use in native plant and wildlife gardens, drought tolerant landscaping, and for habitat restoration projects.

  • "Ilex cornuta" is tolerant of most soils except those that are poorly drained. It can be grown in partial and full sun and is tolerant of the heat and humidity.
  • The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant.
  • Notable cultivars include 'Albus' (white flowers), 'Grape Cooler' (rose-pink; cool-tolerant), the Ocellatus Group (various colours), and 'Peppermint Cooler' (white with a red centre; cool-tolerant).
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