Translation for 'totalitarianism' from English to Russian
NOUN   totalitarianism | -
SYNO absolutism | totalism | totalitarianism
тоталитаризм {м}
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Translation for 'totalitarianism' from English to Russian

тоталитаризм {м}пол.
Usage Examples English
  • In 2007 the theme of the festival was on totalitarianism where the festival debuted the 60x60 project's Munich Mix featuring works with the theme of oppression and totalitarianism.
  • Hitchens began his rebuttal by tracing the understanding of the Nazis or Stalinists, to the concept of totalitarianism probably first used by Victor Serge and then popularized by Hannah Arendt.
  • However, the fascists responded by accepting that they were totalitarian, but presented totalitarianism from a positive viewpoint.
  • Other aspects of fascism such as its "myth of decadence", anti-egalitarianism and totalitarianism can be seen to originate from these ideas.
  • George Orwell branded Tolstoy, along with contemporary Ilya Ehrenburg, as a “literary prostitute” whose freedom of expression was denied by Soviet totalitarianism.

  • Mono-ideologies have been described as fundamentally being linked to totalitarianism and Millenarianism.
  • Steffen Kailitz (born 18 May 1969) is a German political scientist and a senior research fellow at the Hannah Arendt Institute for Research on Totalitarianism.
  • Walter Kaufmann believed that Popper's work has many virtues, including its attack against totalitarianism, and many suggestive ideas.
  • Carr wrote: "The trend away from individualism and towards totalitarianism is everywhere unmistakable" and that Marxism–Leninism was by far the most successful type of totalitarianism as proved by Soviet industrial growth and the Red Army's role in defeating Germany.
  • There are regimes that have been commonly referred to as "totalitarian", or the concept of totalitarianism has been applied to them, for which there is wide consensus among scholars to be called as such.

  • MacInnes's writing reflects an affinity for Arthur Koestler and Rebecca West, as she strongly opposed any form of tyranny and totalitarianism.
  • Blücher encouraged his wife to become involved with Marxism and political theory, though ultimately her use of Karl Marx was in no way orthodox, as shown in such works as "The Origins of Totalitarianism" (1951) and "The Human Condition" (1958).
  • Lem was a critic of capitalism, totalitarianism, and of both Stalinist and Western ideologies.
  • According to the NPR review by Ella Taylor, the film depicts how totalitarianism corrupts almost everything in its path, including individual responsibility.
  • On 23 August 2012, during a ceremony in the House of Terror museum and in the Hungarian Parliament commemorating the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Totalitarianism in Budapest, opened by the Hungarian President János Áder, and attended by the Ministers or State Secretaries of Justice from several European countries, an agreement on the creation of a European museum of totalitarianism was signed.

  • In the intellectual discourse of the mid-20th century, two concepts emerged simultaneously in the West: enlightenment and totalitarianism [...].
  • This reassessment took its final shape in the 1995's work, "L’univers des totalitarismes : Essai d’ethnologie du “non-être”" (in free translation: "The Universe of Totalitarianisms: An Ethnological Essay on “Non-Being”").
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