Translation for 'turbid' from English to Russian
ADJ   turbid | more turbid | most turbid
SYNO cloudy | mirky | muddy | ...
мутный {adj} [о жидкости]turbid
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Translation for 'turbid' from English to Russian

мутный {adj} [о жидкости]
Usage Examples English
  • muelleri" inhabits turbid coastal reefs in the Dampier Archipelago to the eastern Gulf of Carpentaria of northern Australia.
  • Roughing filters provide pretreatment for turbid water or simple, low maintenance treatment when high water quality is not needed.
  • Juveniles inhabit shallow, protected, turbid inshore waters, while adults prefer deeper areas of protected bays and lagoons.
  • See a comparison of clear and turbid plaques, formed by lytic and lysogenic phages, respectively, in the Phage Discovery Guide.
  • Giant river prawns live in turbid freshwater, but their larval stages require brackish water to survive.

  • Therefore, morays living on a reef with clear water will have less black spots than those of a turbid environment.
  • Furthermore, at the outfall the output disturbs the soils, which makes the water more turbid. Turbid water can increase the number of pathogens in the water.
  • In shallow waters, PCP is also quickly removed by photolysis. In deep or turbid water processes, sorption and biodegradation take place.
  • He pioneered the study of vector laser beams propagation in turbid tissue-like scattering medium.
  • Lac Télé has turbid water with much organic matter, but the rivers are rich in fish.

  • The water was alkaline and was turbid from iron in suspension.
  • Additionally, this method has been applied to measuring optical properties of turbid media for improving the simulation of tissue phantoms.
  • If the bacterial suspension is too turbid, it can be diluted with more diluent.
  • Rivers generally contain fresh water but are often shallow and turbid and may have strong currents.
  • The application of SODIS is limited if enough bottles are not available, or if the water is highly turbid.

  • "Astreopora myriophthalma", sometimes known as porous star coral, It occupies a variety of reef habitats at depths between [...] , but avoids turbid water.
  • The origin of Luwu name is taken from other words too; "malucca" (Bugis Ware' Language) and "malutu" (Palili' Language) which both mean turbid or dark.
  • Ocean turbidity is a measure of the amount of cloudiness or haziness in sea water caused by individual particles that are too small to be seen without magnification.
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