Translation for 'unquestioningly' from English to Russian
беспрекословно {adv}unquestioningly
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Translation for 'unquestioningly' from English to Russian

беспрекословно {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • Vali requests Rama to take care that Tara is not insulted and advises Sugriva to unquestioningly follow her advice.
  • Shia scholars accept unquestioningly every hadith which was narrated by them.
  • Though interest in Aristotle's ideas survived, they were generally taken unquestioningly.
  • Byers, at the time an unquestioningly loyal government employee, reluctantly complies.
  • He uses Edgar Cayce as an example, and while he agrees with parts of Ayn Rand's Objectivism, he criticizes its moral absolutism and argues that many follow her philosophy unquestioningly, which he believes contradicts free thinking.

  • Aristotle's ideas of natural history and medicine survived, but they were generally taken unquestioningly.
  • Although the Super-Soldiers resolved to remain together as a team, they vowed to never again unquestioningly serve the state.
  • He makes it very clear that in order to be trained by him, the young man has to be unquestioningly obedient and be ready to bear the pain.
  • Dogma in the broad sense is any belief held unquestioningly and with undefended certainty.
  • ” He asserts that phenomenologically, most people do not understand the injustices they face and may unquestioningly accept their own exploitation.

  • In truth all hivers are naturally robust, being inured to the toxins and deprivations which they accept unquestioningly as part of normal life.
  • The Mongol TV news team planted fictitious stories of the McDonald's fast-food chain opening its first franchise operation in Mongolia among the news outlets, which ran the story as news unquestioningly without verification and fact checking.
  • While in fact Plato seems to disavow justified true belief as constituting knowledge at the end of "Theaetetus", the claim that Plato unquestioningly accepted this view of knowledge stuck until the proposal of the Gettier problem.
  • The sisters unquestioningly decapitated themselves and offered their severed heads at his feet.
  • It also criticises liberals for unquestioningly taking on free-market principles such as balanced budgets and government non-intervention.

  • Or on the other hand, did their biographers unquestioningly repeat ‘Granddad’s beery war stories’?
  • 12 years later, Y'en a Marre demonstrated that Senegal's youth were not unquestioningly loyal to Wade and were searching for a leader who could credibly promise reform.
  • A zealot who unquestioningly accepts the Queen's rhetoric, Anna is the most dangerous of the Greys.
  • Barthes refers to the tendency of socially constructed notions, narratives, and assumptions to become "naturalised" in the process, that is, taken unquestioningly as given within a particular culture.
  • As president, Giri unquestioningly accepted Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's decision to sack the Charan Singh ministry in Uttar Pradesh and advised her to go in for early elections in 1971.

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