Translation for 'unsystematic' from English to Russian
ADJ   unsystematic | more unsystematic | most unsystematic
бессистемный {adj}unsystematic
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Translation for 'unsystematic' from English to Russian

бессистемный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • The route structure BCal had inherited from BUA at the time of its inception was the result of unplanned and unsystematic growth since the early 1960s.
  • It is the name often given to any unsystematic mixture of Portuguese with English (code-switching). This is sometimes used by speakers of the two languages to talk to each other.
  • The risk of a portfolio comprises systematic risk, also known as undiversifiable risk, and unsystematic risk which is also known as idiosyncratic risk or diversifiable risk.
  • Based on unsystematic archaeological research, there have been found what appears to be remains of a neolithic village near Hrgovi Gornji.
  • Although still widely used in spectroscopy, this notation is unsystematic and often confusing.

  • In addition to systematic risks, the discount rate must include unsystematic risk representing that portion of total investment risk that can be avoided through diversification.
  • Various scholars like DT Suzuki and Takasaki Jikido have noted that the text is somewhat unsystematic and disorganized, resembling the notebook or commonplace book of a Mahayana master which recorded important teachings.
  • Unlike systematic risk or market risk, specific risk can be diversified away. In fact, most unsystematic risk is removed by holding a portfolio of about twenty-five to thirty securities.
  • Lynn's review work on global racial differences in cognitive ability has been cited for misrepresenting the research of other scientists and has been criticised for unsystematic methodology and distortion.
  • Wilson challenges the assumption, made by many on the left, that British rule in India was an efficient structure of profit-making, arguing instead that the Raj's power was piecemeal and unsystematic.

  • For many script pairs, there are one or more standard transliteration systems. However, unsystematic transliteration is common.
  • Guillaume Apollinaire's only book on art, "The Cubist Painters, Aesthetic Meditations" is an unsystematic collection of reflections and commentaries.
  • Although automation bias has been the subject of many studies, there continue to be complaints that automation bias remains ill-defined and that reporting of incidents involving automation bias is unsystematic.
  • Schneider's unsystematic typology was based on his clinical views.
  • In a series of reports, he and his co-workers pinpointed the nosological autonomy of cycloid psychoses, unsystematic and systematic schizophrenias by inter-rater reliability analysis and long-term follow-up studies.

  • It is taught in a variety of ways; some are systematic and others are unsystematic.
  • in unsystematic editions, instead he reprinted issues of previous volumes that had appeared up to the date of the particular volume of [...] as it was published.
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