Translation for 'unwilling' from English to Russian
ADJ   unwilling | more unwilling | most unwilling
нежелающий {adj} [несклонный]unwilling
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Translation for 'unwilling' from English to Russian

нежелающий {adj} [несклонный]
Usage Examples English
  • Elliot does not own a car and is unwilling to ingratiate himself to Roy-Henry for transportation, so his main mode of transportation comes from Toby's Taxi Service, driven by Toby (Jackson Williamson), a depressed family man who vents to an unwilling Elliot about the horrors of his hen-pecked homelife.
  • Amanda while shocked, is unwilling to terminate the pregnancy.
  • The rationalization for commutation was that unwilling troops were ineffective and so the government might as well extract funds from the unwilling if it got poor service.
  • Truman was unwilling to order Steelman to implement the wage increase for fear it would ruin his wage policies, but he was also unwilling to rein in the union.
  • He reported that the governments of the region were too weak or unwilling to settle the issue.

  • Miltiades, unwilling to jeopardise his relationship with the Emperor, but also unwilling to preside over a council with an uncertain outcome, changed the proceedings into a regular church synod and appointed 15 Italian bishops, an additional to the three Gallic bishops recommended by the Emperor.
  • Starting from the upper deck dining room, preacher Reverend Frank "Buzz" Scott leads a small group of (often unwilling) followers towards the keel of the ship, trying to avoid the rising water level and other such hazards.
  • Famous Defiance martyr "Patriot", supposedly executed by the government, was secretly rescued by the Defiance and living in hiding, with the Defiance unwilling to reveal he was alive and lose a powerful martyr, and the government being unwilling to admit that one of their biggest enemies was forcibly rescued from New Alcatraz.
  • According to survey responses of Indian Jains who identified themselves as vegetarians, 92% would be unwilling to eat at a restaurant that isn't exclusively vegetarian and 89% would be unwilling to eat at the home of a friend/acquaintance who isn't a vegetarian as well.
  • Alternately, where an interchange partner is intentionally causing significant "inadvertent energy" to flow through an unwilling interchange partner's system, the unwilling partner may threaten to install a phase shifter to prevent such "inadvertent energy", with the unwilling partner's tactical objective being the improvement of its own system's stability at the expense of the other system's stability.

  • Rumsey was also a largely unwilling candidate, and did not desire to be mayor.
  • Initially, the Oilers were unwilling to play at Vanderbilt Stadium while Nissan Stadium was being built.
  • The strike continued for 15 days, with strikers unwilling to negotiate with the company until the government stepped in to arbitrate.
  • In Sui Ishida's 2014 dark fantasy manga series, Tokyo Ghoul, a state sanctioned organ transplant is performed between an unwilling donor and the main character of the series.
  • He was a staunch conservative, unwilling to accept contemporary developments in biblical criticism.

  • The SCEC drew criticism for being too conservative, unwilling to expand from running elevators into marketing grain.
  • The next day, Doug is bailed out of jail by his girlfriend, Jeanne (Agi Gyenes) whom they both try to stop the gang on their own since the police are unwilling to do anything.
  • HIV/AIDS stigma is widespread in South Africa: a 2002 national survey revealed that 26% of respondents were unwilling to share a meal with a person living with AIDS, 18% were unwilling to sleep in the same room as with someone with AIDS, and 6% were unwilling to talk to a person with AIDS.
  • Further, insolvent banks with toxic assets are unwilling to accept significant reductions in the price of the toxic assets, but potential buyers were unwilling to pay prices anywhere near the loan's face value.
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