Translation for 'unwillingly' from English to Russian
нехотя {adv} [неохотно]unwillingly
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Translation for 'unwillingly' from English to Russian

нехотя {adv} [неохотно]
Usage Examples English
  • Therefore, Villaamil had to resign himself unwillingly to be shut with all the fleet in the bay of Santiago de Cuba.
  • Despite his claims that he was unwillingly named emperor by the mob, Hypatius was also put to death by Justinian. In one source, this came at Theodora's insistence.
  • Pete Anderson - A student who gets relatively low grades and constantly worries about failing in school. Usually helps Bruno, though very unwillingly.
  • And "shoigeg" in its original context means an incident which was caused unwillingly, but was a result of partial negligence.
  • Notably, Emperor Daibazaal unwillingly becomes part of a mechablack beastman in the series' final episodes.

  • Upwardly mobile members of an ethnic group, committed to schooling, education and employment prospects, will often reject low-lives who instead opt (willingly or unwillingly) for street or gang life.
  • The dialogue concludes with Socrates proving to his friend, who agrees unwillingly, that all gain is good.
  • Skammelsrud retired after the 2002 season, unwillingly, after Åge Hareide didn't renew his contract with the club.
  • Oberhauser was unwillingly filmed for Claude Lanzmann's documentary "Shoah", released in 1985.
  • She unwillingly remained in Salzburg with Nannerl during the tours of Italy that Wolfgang and Leopold took during 1769–1773.

  • After being taken unwillingly from Earth, players begin the game on Kolob alone with some basic equipment and provisions. Time traveling, combat, and economics were all game activities.
  • He left his wife and children unwillingly when he was forced by armed men onto a steamboat in 1879 whilst helping emigrants leave to Kansas.
  • "Kentucky Jones" originally was produced without a laugh track, but after NBC threatened to cancel the show if it had no laugh track, its producers unwillingly added one.
  • Our elders have gone forth into exile by an urgent command, whether willingly or unwillingly.
  • The film revolves around a nomadic tribal who unwillingly relocates to the city where he gains popularity as a singer but gets separated from his lover.

  • Internet search engines, for instance, unwillingly contribute to keep illegal e-pharmacies in business.
  • Crown Prince Lee Hwon unwillingly marries Bo-kyung, but refuses to consummate the marriage by citing an unnamed illness and continues to brood over his "dead" first love.
  • Mokokchung is the construction of "Mokok" and "Chung", where Mokok means unwillingly and Chung means a group of people.
  • Europeans stayed in the area very unwillingly, because of the upheaval caused by the passing of Gizenga troops coming from Stanleyville and bound for Katanga.
  • Freely I impart my benefits; not unwillingly I accept whatever is better.

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