Translation for 'upright' from English to Russian
ADJ   upright | more upright | most upright
NOUN   an upright | uprights
SYNO erect | good | just | ...
вертикальный {adj}upright [vertical]
пианино {с} [нескл.]
(upright) piano
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Usage Examples English
  • Today, Feurich grand pianos and upright pianos are produced at Hailun Piano Company factory in Ningbo, China with the exception of the upright piano "123 – Vienna" made in Vienna, Austria.
  • An unusual variation is the Heftone bass, which combines a large, 22" banjo pot with an upright spindle to produce an upright bass banjo.
  • The upright pianos became more popular after the war, and C.
  • In Japan, "Game Machine" listed "Pole Position II" on their November 15, 1983, issue as being the second most successful upright/cockpit arcade cabinet of the month, before topping the charts in December 1983.
  • The Bilenky Viewpoint and the Hase Pino are hybrid upright/recumbent tandems steered by the captain who sits upright in the rear, while the stoker rides in a recumbent position in the front.

  • "Game Machine" listed "TX-1" as Japan's top-grossing upright/cockpit arcade cabinet of December 1983.
  • Early in the 1920s chrome leather upright belts were being made and consisted of many riveted leather belts placed upright.
  • Cultivars (now of unclear taxonomic placement) developed and registered by Dion Harrison and colleagues at the University of Queensland include 'Passion' (an upright form with purple flowerheads), 'Poise' (a two-toned tan and pink flowerhead), and 'Purity' (upright stems and green-yellow flowerheads).
  • Rans is also known as a manufacturer of upright and recumbent bicycles. In 2011 the bike line included 16 crank forward upright bike models, 14 recumbents, three tandems and one delta tricycle.
  • 5" scale of the 3/4-sized upright bass favored by many upright bassists of the time.

  • SENSOR WALLS - Sensor walls need to be upright (square to the mat). To count, each upright wall needs a "down" access marker, up to four walls.
  • On 22 February 2017, it was reported that the ship was made upright and refloated.
  • , throws that are performed with "tori" maintaining an upright position, and [...] , throws in which "tori" sacrifices his upright position in order to throw "uke".
  • In 1963 Stanley Murdoch, piano buyers for Harrods, commissioned W. Danemann and Company to build "the best upright in the world"; the result was the HS2, based on the classic Danemann upright.
  • Standing between [...] high, the lift comprises two upright poles supporting a horizontal cross beam. The beam comprises an unfinished wooden log. The upright poles are covered with a climbing vine.

  • It is an annual herb with white flowers. Growth habit ranged from procumbent (trailing along the ground) to upright; when upright it can reach up to 30 centimetres in height.
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