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NOUN   a vestal virgin | vestal virgins
весталка {ж}
vestal virgin
девственница {ж}virgin
девственный лес {м}
virgin forest
Британские Виргинские острова {мн} <БВО>
(British) Virgin Islands <BVI>
Девичий источник [Ингмар Бергман]
The Virgin Spring [Ingmar Bergman]
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Usage Examples English
  • One mythological tradition held that the mother of Romulus and Remus was a Vestal virgin of royal blood.
  • He aroused further discontent when he married the Vestal Virgin Aquilia Severa, Vesta's high priestess, claiming the marriage would produce "godlike children".
  • In Rome, he devoted himself to sculpting the "Vestal Virgin Tuccia", achieved without a commission from any patron (it remained unsold), and was involved in the problem of the restoration of the dome of St.
  • 3551 Verenia was named for the first vestal virgin consecrated by the legendary Roman king Numa Pompilius.
  • or as other accounts state, a Vestal Virgin.

  • In the year 221, Roman Emperor Elagabalus was induced to end his highly controversial and politically damaging marriage to the Vestal Virgin Aquilia Severa by high-ranking courtiers and senior camp generals, led by his grandmother Julia Maesa.
  • Severa was a Vestal Virgin and, as such, her marriage to Elagabalus in late 220 was the cause of enormous controversy – traditionally, the punishment for breaking the thirty-year vow of celibacy was death by being buried alive.
  • Tuccia (3rd-century BC ), was an ancient Roman Vestal Virgin.
  • Pomponia Rufina was a Vestal Virgin under the Emperor Caracalla (reigned 211–217). Caracalla ordered her death, because she violated her vow of chastity.
  • daughter of the Roman commander Spurius Tarpeius, was a Vestal Virgin who betrayed the city of Rome to the Sabines at the time of their women's abduction for what she thought would be a reward of jewelry.

  • Terentia had one half-sister named Fabia, who was a Vestal Virgin and the daughter of a patrician named Fabius.
  • He is said to have smothered guests at a banquet by flooding the room with rose petals, married his male lover (who was later referred to as the "empress's husband") and married a Vestal Virgin called Aquilia Severa.
  • Both the domestic religious traditions and the so-called state religion ("sacra publica") are represented in the practices of Nova Roma, including the restoration of the ancient priestly "collegia", including the offices of pontifex and Vestal Virgin, and the honoring of the full cycle of Roman holidays throughout the year.
  • By this account, Nero raped the vestal virgin Rubria.
  • "La vestale" ("The Vestal Virgin") is an opera composed by Gaspare Spontini to a French libretto by Étienne de Jouy.

  • He was declared to have raped a Congolese woman, who was a princess and the equivalent of a Vestal Virgin, and to have pillaged villages, raising highly charged questions as to why the coloniser should be revered as a national hero instead of the Congolese who fought against colonisation.
  • Rhea Silvia was made a Vestal Virgin by Amulius rendering her unable to have children on pain of death; however, according to myth she was forcibly impregnated by the god Mars.
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