Translation for 'visualize' from English to Russian
VERB   to visualize | visualized | visualized
visualizing | visualizes
SYNO to envision | to fancy | to figure | ...
визуализировать [сов./несов.] [разг.]to visualize
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Translation for 'visualize' from English to Russian

to visualize
визуализировать [сов./несов.] [разг.]
Usage Examples English
  • Different types of laminotomy are defined by the type of instrument used to visualize the procedure, what vertebra the procedure is performed on, and whether or not both lamina of a vertebra are operated on or just one.
  • Vanillin–HCl staining can be used to visualize the localisation of tannins in cells.
  • He then goes on to teach Vaidehi how to visualize the Pure Land, to further her efforts in attaining rebirth there.
  • Isopycnals are often displayed graphically to help visualize "layers" of the water in the ocean or gases in the atmosphere in a similar manner to how contour lines are used in topographic maps to help visualize topography.
  • There are many methods to visualize timelines. Historically, timelines were static images and were generally drawn or printed on paper.

  • De Broglie–Bohm theory can be used to visualize wave functions.
  • Donna Cox helped visualize galaxies for the IMAX film Hubble.
  • • "Wallace and Gromit" used multiples to visualize quick action.
  • A vaginogram is a medical imaging method in which a radiocontrast agent is injected while X-ray pictures are taken, to visualize structures of the vagina.
  • This is a map to help visualize the break down of the regions.

  • The method encourages the use of oral stereognosis (oral somatosensory perception) to visualize small 3D models of images, using the mouth (tongue, lips, teeth).
  • Ninithi (Sinhala: නිනිති) is free and open source modelling software that can be used to visualize and analyze carbon materials used in nanotechnology.
  • To visualize the isoptics, see implicit curve.
  • NetWitness Visualize, announced in July 2010, provided a new way to visualize network traffic.
  • Schlieren imaging is a method to visualize density variations in transparent media.

  • This allows to track and visualize the road description.
  • ENVI is an off-the-shelf software program used to visualize, process and analyze geospatial imagery.
  • to visualize the state diagram of a shift register, by [...] to show that the crossing number of every graph is lower-bounded by a combination of its cutwidth and vertex degrees, by [...] to visualize interactions between Bluetooth devices, and by [...] to visualize the yardage of plays in a game of American football.
  • This example holds for all positive [...] , but the case of [...] is easier to visualize.
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