Translation for 'vocal cords' from English to Russian
NOUN   a vocal cord | vocal cords
голосовые связки {мн}
vocal cords
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Translation for 'vocal cords' from English to Russian

vocal cords
голосовые связки {мн}анат.
Usage Examples English
  • A pulmonic consonant is a consonant made by obstructing the glottis (the space between the vocal cords) or oral cavity (the mouth) and either simultaneously or subsequently letting out air from the lungs.
  • If high boluses of fentanyl are administered quickly, muscle rigidity of the vocal cords can make bag-mask ventilation very difficult.
  • A doctor who examined Blanc's throat found that he possessed unusually thick, powerful vocal cords that gave him an exceptional range, and compared them to those of opera singer Enrico Caruso.
  • Vocal nodules are caused over time by repeated abuse of the vocal cords which results in soft, swollen spots on each vocal cord.
  • Voicing describes whether the vocal cords are vibrating during the articulation of a vowel.

  • A medical study of the voice can be, for instance, analysis of the voice of patients who have had a polyp removed from their vocal cords through an operation.
  • The human voice consists of sounds generated by the opening and closing of the glottis by the vocal cords, which produces a periodic waveform with many harmonics.
  • Voiced speech is produced by air streaming from the lungs through the vocal cords, setting them into an oscillating movement.
  • He also has the ability to change the vibration of his vocal cords making it so he can change how his voice sounds to others.
  • He also suffered from spasmodic dysphonia, a condition that causes the vocal cords to behave in an abnormal manner.

  • Voiced phonemes such as the pure vowels are, by definition, distinguished by the buzzing sound of this periodic oscillation of the vocal cords.
  • In addition to singing words, some a cappella singers also emulate instrumentation by reproducing instrumental sounds with their vocal cords and mouth, often pitched using specialised pitch pipes.
  • He required surgery on his vocal cords and doubts were raised [...] about whether he would ever sing again.
  • Abduction of the vocal cords is important during physical exertion. The vocal cords are separated by about [...] during normal respiration, but this width is doubled during forced respiration.
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