Translation for 'vocalisation' from English to Russian
NOUN   vocalisation | vocalisations
SYNO phonation | vocalisation | vocalism | ...
вокализация {ж}
vocalisation [Br.]
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Translation for 'vocalisation' from English to Russian

vocalisation [Br.]
вокализация {ж}линг.
Usage Examples English
  • The Tepui flycatcher was formerly considered conspecific with McConnell's flycatcher. The two species have similar plumage but differ in their vocalisation and display behaviour.
  • This species was formerly considered conspecific with Sierra de Lema flycatcher ("Mionectes roraimae"). The two species have similar plumage but differ in their vocalisation and display behaviour.
  • The paradise kingfisher species is also known to have a wide array of vocalisation.
  • Her Brünnhilde was considered especially fine, not only for her splendid vocalisation but also for her stature and handsome appearance.
  • Multiple studies have described nocturnal vocalisation among animals and have also reported some cases in humans, especially in patients with Parkinson's disease.

  • The vocalisation includes an alarm call, a soft hissing sound, another sound like a chainsaw when in aggressive postures and they regularly emit a grunting noises during normal activity.
  • A scream is a loud/hard vocalization in which air is passed through the vocal cords with greater force than is used in regular or close-distance vocalisation.
  • The manuscript has between eight and twelve lines to the page and, showing its antiquity, the text is devoid of vocalisation.
  • This is usually annotated, with marks to the right of each character denoting how the tone should vary through the length of its vocalisation.
  • Shepherd is known throughout the RAAF for calling out "Cooee", a distinctive Australian vocalisation used mainly in the outback, with which he ended his first address as Chief of Air Force.

  • While this is often employed as a means of entertainment or competition, it can also act as an alternative means of vocalisation for people who have undergone a laryngectomy, with the burp replacing laryngeal phonation.
  • This species was formerly treated as a subspecies of the collared owlet ("Taenioptynx brodiei"). It was promoted to a separate species based largely on the basis of a difference in vocalisation.
  • It was promoted to species status based on the significant difference in the vocalisation and mitochrondrial DNA.
  • A groan is a vocalisation of the human voice.
  • This chakra can be cleaned or opened by meditation or vocalisation.

  • In other animals (such as primates), they may increase the resonance of vocalisation.
  • The genus name is the vocalisation of the acronym AMNH of the American Museum of Natural History and the suffix -ia (Aay-Em-En-Aytche-ia), as gratitude for funding Lieberman's research.
  • Her musical education had been but ill cared for in the convent, where she passed three years; and she had contracted bad tricks of vocalisation, which she never entirely overcame, even after hearing such great models as Luigi Marchesi and Girolamo Crescentini.
  • When rats are given naloxone (an opioid antagonist), tickling no longer evokes the 50-kHz vocalisation [...] which indicates that the rewarding properties of tickling are modulated by endogenous opioids.
  • Research undertaken comparing the vocalisations of Australian falcons, found that two structurally distinct calls were emitted when a male hobby was restrained.

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