Translation for 'vocalization' from English to Russian
NOUN   vocalization | vocalizations
SYNO phonation | utterance | vocalisation | ...
вокализация {ж}
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Translation for 'vocalization' from English to Russian

вокализация {ж}линг.
Usage Examples English
  • Crewman Joe Herrington provided the vocalization of Duma.
  • There are clear cut differences in behavior between territorial and non-territorial males, the first being the territorial males vocalized at higher rates than non-territorial males and the onset of vocalization tends to be higher.
  • Matt Rahaim, a vocalist and ethnomusicologist, has published a book on the relationship between vocalization and gesture in Indian vocal music: "Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music".
  • Wendell Levi describes this trumpeting vocalization in his book "The Pigeon".
  • One system of assigning and indicating pronunciation in Hebrew, the Tiberian vocalization, is broadly authoritative for Hebrew text since the end of the Second Temple period (Sáenz-Badillos, page xi).

  • Their vocalization consists of a sequence of a single musical note with a double pulse without modulation, where each call lasts approximately 47 milliseconds and has an interval of 83.26 milliseconds, making 21.3 calls per second at a frequency of 4,592.32 hertz.
  • trifolii" may attract mates and signal readiness through a series of short-distance vocalization by the males.
  • The characteristic 'honk' of family Anatidae is obvious in this pochard's vocalization, however it is much deeper as compared to a mallard, for example.
  • Follow-up experiments with the GNPTAB mutation introduced to brain cell types showed that the vocalization defects in mice were specific to the loss of astrocytes.
  • A gecker is a vocalization most often associated with infant primates.

  • "L"-vocalization is a subtype of the sonorization type of lenition.
  • Yelling or screaming is a loud vocalization.
  • The "Qurʾān" is traditionally written in full vocalization.
  • A yell is a loud vocalization; see screaming.
  • Growling is a low, guttural vocalization produced by predatory animals; producing "growls".

  • The Palestinian vocalization, Palestinian pointing, Palestinian niqqud or Eretz Israeli vocalization (Hebrew: [...] "Niqqud Eretz Israel") is an extinct system of diacritics (niqqud) devised by the Masoretes of Jerusalem to add to the consonantal text of the Hebrew Bible to indicate vowel quality, reflecting the Hebrew of Jerusalem.
  • It has been postulated that domestic cats can learn to manipulate their owners through vocalizations that are similar to the cries of human babies.
  • A speaker can regulate their vocalizations, particularly their amplitude relative to background noise, with reflexive auditory feedback.
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